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    Hello Inga I wanted to respond to your post about food and everything else sticking in your esophagus. I had this condition about 10 yrs ago. I went to the ER thinking it was a heart attack,very painful. They couldn't find anything,the pain got better when the food went down. Anyway was sent to my PCP. It had some tech. name like esophogeal reflux.He explained a valve at the bottom of your esophagus when you get stressed completely shuts,not allowing anything to go into your stomach. A fairly common middle-age thing.Don't get mad if your younger. He precribed Valium to keep me calm and keep that valve open.Over time the condition got better,surgery not needed.Until it does take one bite when your calm,don't even try eating when your upset.To finish the thought take one small bite and make sure it goes down,then your usually fine to continue eating.I my case even water wouldn't go down,and the more you put in there the more pain.Until I learned how to deal with this,vomiting was the only option when you forgot the one bite thing,and ate a lot.Pleasent huh? Hope this helps you.Sorry I did'nt get to answer your original post was exhausted from a long day. Terry
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    I really feel much better about this problem. I don't know why but I tend to see the worst case scenario complete with feeding tubes etc.... It is so good to know that others have had this and that it doesn't have to be horrible (difficult and annoying but not life threatening) I have my endoscopy in the morning. I feel better about it already. Thanks to you.

    BTW ~ I am 36 next month. When does 'middle aged' officially begin? ;)
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    Glad I was able to help. I rarely have this happen anymore. If it does try to stay calm,deep breath and let the one bite go down. If your planning on living to 1oo your not there yet.lol Have a nice day