terible tenderness at fingernails base....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by homesheba, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. homesheba

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    and top knuckes are buldging and hands becoming stiffer. i have gone up 2 ring sizes even!
    but what concerns me more is the soreness at base of nails... i cant see any infection, so is this just part of the fibro and arthritis? or rhumatoid arthritis?
    man! this is the pits.
    its like every week i see something else lousy happening on my body...gulp!
  2. jmcdelaney

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    Hi homesheba,

    You should definitely have the rhumey check it out because it could be symptoms of arthritis, or other similar autoimmune diseases.

    I will tell you that a year ago I was waking up with my hands swollen (especially fingers), so painful I couldn't move them for several hours in the morning. My hands were not numb, (although I did have a sort of electrical sensation in my fingers) but it seemed like I was trying to use somebody elses hands (perhaps due to the swelling). The base of my nails also hurt as well as my knuckles. I started sleeping with wrist braces on both hands and would rest them on ice until I fell asleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night and rip off the braces because they became uncomfortable. But it seemed to help quite a bit. Eventually most of the swelling went away. They are still about a ring size bigger (without weight gain). I also had towards the end of the "bout" different finger tips swell and were very hard...thought it was gout. Went away soaking in epsom salt, covering with neosporing and a bandaind (even though there was no open skin) after about a week.

    Let us know how you do,
    Best wishes, Joann
  3. homesheba

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    thank you so much for the info. i am also sorry you had to go thru it.
    id love to spend more time on this site if the tips of fingers didnt hurt so.
    but i surely need to find out what to do from a rhumey someplace. thank you again.
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    Sorry you are in pain. I just typed in "fingernail" in the search option at the top of the page. Search by title, there are a lot of posts on this subject. I remember reading some of them before. Seems that you may find some good info. Hope you feel better soon. Kim :)