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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by omeeomy, May 22, 2008.

  1. omeeomy

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    Hello Ladies

    Just wanted to check in & say hello. I've been busy busy lately.

    Terri: I guess you are getting excited to go to see your family. My son just went back yesterday. He stays until June 13th this time. Have your boys finished school yet? My grandkids will finish the 4th of June.

    Linda: Hope all is well with you. Did your son & girlfriend move? My oldest is out for 2wks then he's going to teach summer school--he does every summer. How's the weather in Az? It's been really cool here we've still been using our heat.

    Hope you ladies have a good week-in. I've done cleaned & decorated my sons grave. My neice is going to be ordained into the ministery Sunday. My sister is doing good & i'm going to go get her & take her.

    Got to go for now got to hop into bed. Hope all is well.

  2. alaska3355

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    I had been meaning to get on here and write you because we now have our new granddaughter! She was born last Sunday evening and her name is Elise Ann. Of course, we haven't seen her in person yet, but we are getting ready to go up June 6th. Hubby and I and the twins are going. Can you tell I'm excited?

    How is your grandson doing? I haven't heard much about him lately. I'm glad your sister is a lot better.

    Linda- I haven't heard from you this week- hope you can drop us a note.
  3. omeeomy

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    Good to hear you both are doing well.

    Terri, i can only image how excited you are. I so happy your granddaughter is here well & healthy. I guess big sister is really enjoying her new sister. I guess the weather in Fairbanks is a lot warmer now. Grand-children are a joy & a blessing for us. I hope you have a safe trip & enjoy all your family. My son is back up there he comes bac June 13th his birthday is June 5, he will be 39 time really flys by. How is your son doing with his job now. Enjoy your trip & God's Blessings be with you.

    Linda, wonderful to hear from you. Your weather sounds like ours this whole month of May has been cool here. Some nights we still have to use our heat. It's 64 & has rained. Flowers are real slow in growing. I'm so proud of my sister to. My husband & i took her to her daughter ordination Sunday. We have a van & we are able to take her wheel chair. I took her a few wks ago we are trying to get her a built up shoe the Dr said her leg is 4ins shorter the the other. Glad to hear you son & GF are doing good. My son & GF are doing good they are going to get married i don't when yet. He's out for a short break He's going to teach summer school. My grandkids get out the 4th of June. I'm going down to my grand-daughter rectial the 7th of June. They are suppose to come home to be in their cousin wedding this week-in. Sorry to hear you had the stomach flu. Everybody here has sore throats & cough. My neice too chemo yesterday she has 3 more to go. I go to the same state to my Rhumey & they are in the same building so we both have our appts on the day. Next Tuesday & are going together.

    Must go hubby will be home before long he always looks for his supper.

    Later~~~~Blessings~~~~ Shirley

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