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    I woke up about 1/2 hour ago with the most excruataing pain in my low back. I know that I have two discs that are bulging L4-5 S1 I don't know if they have anything to do with this pain.my low back feels tight like it is swollen and it is beyond tender to the touch, I don't like it that my legs are hurting along with the back it hurts from the small of my back down into my hips , legs and knees and into my ankle what do I do? I am home alone and can't drive my self to the hospital and they hospital would not do anything anyway becasue of all the pain meds I am on for the fibro and such so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't know what to do labor pains did not hurt this much ( last baby was 18 yrs ago) I hurt so bad and it is goinginto my legs making themtingle and burn along with pain HELP WHAT DO I DO? I am going back and lay down to see if that helps any Rosemarie ps could this be the start of degenerative diiscs diease? what are the symptoms to that :?
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    That sounds like your dis's maybe pressing on a nerve. Does not sound like FM pain. You really have got to get in touch with your doctor.

    Sorry no one answered you before now, but they probably didn't know what to tell you either.

    Please call the doctor. That does not sound like FM pain at all!

    Let us know how you are doing.

    Get some help, call a neighbor, family, someone to drive you to a hospital, or call the doctor and have him/her meet you there.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I went to the local ER and they did nothing . told me that I am taking alot of narcotics and with the amount aI am taking it should help me .I had no broken bones , just really intense pain and they did nothing. My pain doctor is an osteopath insead of of bing an md and when the doctors was who my doctor is they blew me off. so I will call my doctor in the morning and see if I can get some help thanks for your concern Rosemarie
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    I'm so sorry about your back problems. Sounds like you need to have an orthopedist, physiatrist and/or a neurologist look at this, esp. if you know you have bulging discs.

    I have learned firsthand that not all pain is FM pain, even if you have FM. Sometimes there is a biomechanical problem that needs to be corrected. I was really helped with hip pain by a physiatrist. The good thing about these folks is they receive the same training as orthopedic surgeons, except for the surgical end of things. If you need to be referred to a surgeon, they will do so. But please, see someone better qualified than an emergency room doctor to get this problem assessed!

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    Exact!! its not bothering me right now...knock on wood!
    But its a bulging disk preessing on the sciatic nerve.(sciatica) Look into it...do a search!! Mine is the same....very tight low back muscles(I almost lose the natural curve there in my low back....I'm like flat backed!)The pain goes into my hip and butt,and down my leg and calve,to the side of my ankle.Its the worse pain to have!! Ya can't sit,ya can't stand upright,I literally roll out of bed onto the floor then take it very slowly from there to get myself standing~I can't bend over to pick things up or even put on my shoes!! I had an MRI done to find out what was causing mine.It was 2 herniated disks,one pressing on the nerve. I went thru hell to get better!!!at least 8 weeks of PT....with massage and ES. also was in traction for it at one time. I would call your Dr. in the morning for sure!! I FEEL FOR YOU BECAUSE I know WHAT HELL THIS IS!!! best of luck....let us know how you mnake out ok?