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    I need some other people's idea's on this. I have to take lots of pain medicine (Norco 10mg) and I still stay in pain. Also just started on Lexapro to try to help the pain. I have gotten so I run out early before I can fill the prescription and have a terrible time because the pain is so bad. Do you have any idea's on this? I never get much sleep and that makes it worse. Also have type 1 diabetes and arthritis and stay so very tired. Not sure if its not chronic fatigue or just lack of rest. Appreciate any feed back on this. Also have tens unit and it does not help much.
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    Do you take any muscle relaxer's?

    I have to take a muscle relaxer with my pain med's otherwise it just isn't enough.

    If you do and still find no relief, I would discuss it with your doctor and try a new pain med or muscle relaxer.

    Nothing takes my pain and tightness away completely.

    It just makes it more bearable , at least some of the time.

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