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    well, first off, just want to say i haven't been able to get on here in a while because i've been too busy, and too tired. I went for a second opinion on my lyme test yesterday to an infectious disease doctor. I should have listened to the advice i got here on the boards, and not have bothered going to that doctor! I waited 2 frickin months to get into this stupid doctor!
    Okay, first off, i was the only patient in the building at the time of my appt. So, i sat and waited for 45 minutes until she even came into the room. Then she didn't even know why the hell i was there! I took all of my paperwork there almost 1 month ago. You'd think over a month she would have opened my file and looked around a little. NO!! Anyway, she was asking my health history, and I told her about being diagnosed with Fibro by a neurologist. She actually had the gall to laugh at me and ask me why I saw a neurologist! I said, well, I had chronic pain, and he's the one who diagnosed me. Then, she finally found my lyme test results in my file, and started laughing at me again!!! She said, well it says negative on here, so why do you think you have lyme? I said well, there's a "highly positive" band there, and that's why i wanted the second opinion!!! Well, in her not-so-good English, she started to talk about how many bands and all this other crap. Then her cell phone rang, she answered it, and left the room!!!!!!!! By this time I was very frustrated because she was so rude and laughed at me, so i sat there about 5 minutes, and then just walked out. I got to the front desk and told the ladies that she left the room to talk on her personal phone, that she was very unfriendly, and that she was a total bitch. Then I walked out, with them looking at me with their mouths open. I just wonder if they have had complaints about her before. I kind of expected a phone call from their office, but, no, no phone call asking for more details of why I was so upset. I guess that proves my opinion that that doctor really is a bitch!
    So, this just topped off my week from hell! My primary doctor was out of town, and the doctor filling in for him screwed up my pain med prescription, which caused so much confusion for me and my pharmacy! That doctor and my pharmacy thought I was taking too much of the med, and actually hinted that i was abusing it or something! So, Thursday, I went all day without my pain meds! I was in tears all frickin day, i just didn't even want to live! On top of my fibro pain, the uterine fibroid pain is getting worse, now I have low grade fever from it, and loss of appetite. Not to mention the difficulty sitting, and standing. I get my uterus removed June 18, and wish it could be done right now. Work schedule won't allow that to happen any sooner, though. So, I just have to try getting through these next few weeks. I just hope no one messes with my pain meds, or i think i will totally flip out. I wrote my primary doctor a letter explaining to him what mistakes his office made. I'm curious to see if when he reads it next week if I'll get a call from him or his office. UGH! They have to understand that they screwed it all up, and i'm not "abusing" it!! They even got my husband thinking I'm taking too much! I had to draw it all out for him how I am following the directions on it! I'd just like for all of them to have to live in our bodies for one day, or even one hour and see what we have to deal with!!!!!!!!
    Sorry for such a long post. I just had to share my "week from hell" with all of you, because I know you all understand!
    thanks for listening.
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    hey there,

    i am sorry to hear that. we all have bad experiences with doctors,but they have never learned anything about this disease, so forgive them :)
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    I'm so sorry this happened to you. That's outrageous! I've had to deal with some horrific doctors, nurses, etc. in the years I've been sick and it can be so infuriating, draining, and devastating. :-(

    Can you file a formal complaint against the doctor? I've found that doing this makes me feel better since I'm able to communicate how I feel and let the doctor (or whoever it is) know that their behavior is not acceptable. These people need to be held accountable for their rude/invalidating/unprofessional/insulting/horrible behavior!

    Gentle hugs!

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    I applaud what you did, at least you got out of the bill, right? That will hit her harder than any complaining. Funny how doctors, who are merely drug salesman but don't even know it, can laugh at anyone. They are the ones who should be laughed at when it concerns treatment of chronic diseases.

    Have you checked out the fibro protocol at beatcfsandfms.org? I know the CFS one is right on so I'm assuming they're right about fibro, too. They also have a list of docs who have experience with these things. But don't assume anything, I'd call and ask first or risk suffering the same fate as above.

    You have to wonder about any medical doctor because they can't treat these things fresh out of med school. They would have had to have done some of their own studying at home or attended college about nutrition and supplements as well. Medical doctors are only good for crises, for chronic diseases like this one they are useless and a waste of money. Plus they are guaranteed to make you worse over time.

    I've never had the pain you have, just the severe, agonizing fatigue. But pain pills stress the liver and intestines which may be part of your problem so keep that in mind. I know you have to have something for pain, but check out their protocol and see if you can figure out what's going on to cause the pain in the first place. It's only the medical profession who can't treat us, there are other doctors who can like Dr. Farr. Don't limit yourself to the medical profession or you may never get help. If you break your leg, hop to the medical doctor. If you have CFS or fibro, run from him. I guess I mean crawl, we can't really run can we? Well, I can run now but I couldn't when I was sick. Dr. Farr helped me fix it, though.

    good luck
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    I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I'm glad that you stuck up for yourself and
    walked out on this doctor! I would not pay them one cent!

    Will keep you in my prayers, keep us posted on the surgery in June.

    Hope you feel better and your regular doctor gets your pain meds back on track.

    sending very gentle hugs for you, Susan
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    I know all to well about these kinds of experiences with docs sad to say. I to have walked out and never gone back. Then there are the quacks that darn near kill you.

    I was thinking about going to a infec.diseases doc for Lyme and high ebv. I cant find anyone one for anything right now.

    Hate it when they mess up your meds.
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    I totally understand, I have been seeing quacks for 10 years..well minus my chiropractor who actually had talked someone to coming into his office to do electro nerve test just for me, who did mentioned Fibrositis in his report, little did I know that is another name for Fibromyalgia and that is how my chiropractor finally said, you need to find a good doctor for this, said he would try to help me get a referral if he found a good one, he had called on a Rheumy doc, had set an appointment to meet with him so he could have this doctor as a referral to his patients.
    And would you know this doctor had his office cancel their appointment the day before he was to meet with him so he could ask him information and weigh him out for my chiropractors own patients.
    my chiro said, the doctors office didn't even suggested another appointment meeting, he then realized this Rheumy was not the doctor for his patients.

    So I went to see a new GP, since the last one I had bought off my original GP's practice, and he was not a good one to go to, I had problems. I did recently found a great one I'm very thankful I have her, she told me I was suffering from fibro with possible Ibs, I didn't ask her for referrals since my insurance didn't required one , that was the biggest mistake I did, I'll be seeing her in 4 days , I will be asking for that referral now =)

    meanwhile she hooked me up to these two wonderful internal medicine doctor, one is young, but the older one has been working with Fibro patients for over 20 years! I was floored when he took the time to explain what it was to my husband and I, but more to my husband so he could understand what I go through.
    He was refreshing after the Rheumy I found in my insurance list of doctors, that Rheumy was my nightmare similar to your experience, if I hadn't kept on top of calling them ( they hung up on me 10 times. ) I would have never known about my blood test results, the doctors are....well supposed to call you if anything positive came up on your blood test, they are supposed to call within a day or two after the blood test has been taken and checked....I did not get my results till after a week.
    When I finally got thru the front office wouldn't tell me, said the doctor needed to speak to me, so I had to wait till she called, and she had the balls to tell me she called, but no one was home...ugh! she obviously didn't know it is the 20th century and you can't use that excuse anymore LMAO!!!
    I have caller ID I know who calls and if they are unlisted I would know that too....no unlisted number came up and all the numbers that called stated who they are...so yeah I upset that she lied to me ( and plus if I am not home one of my children usually is, they know I have been waiting on the doctors call. )

    I am now waiting for her to give a copy of my files to my GP since this Rheumy doesn't know much about Fibro, and my friends tell me I should walk into her office get all my files... I would have to pay for them, but at least I have them. then they said get a hold of my insurance and make a proper complaint. I suggest you should do the same, at least then you would have the knowledge you helped another person out not to go to this person in the future.

    I know how hard it is to keep a positive view when your in pain...but try to and keep looking for that right doctor, I will keep you in my prayers =)

    gentle hugs,