terrible neck, back and shoulder pain

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    I have been in terrible pain for the last 4 days. I've been to the chiropractor twice last week for adjustment on my neck and mid back. I have been dizzy to the point where I am afraid to drive now. The dizziness is originating from my neck. Went to doc today to ask for muscle relaxer to see if that will help. He gave me flexeril. Looked over my lab sed rate is 8.9, they said high normal. Have swollen hands and feet and my knees also are swollen. Also blood sugar level is at 56 normal is 65. Anyone else having these problems? It feels like the fibro is getting its hold on me and won't let go. don't understand blood sugar level and noone will care to explain it to me. Said to call tomorrow after they consult with another doc. This is a walk in clinic. Feeling very frustrated and hurting like the dickens.
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    I wish I had some advice for you but, unfortunately, I'm in the same boat. I have gotten some relief from a massage from my husband and from using a rolling pin on my neck and shoulders when he isn't around. Other than that my pain in those areas have been constant for a couple of weeks now. I hope you find some relief soon I know how frustrating it can be.

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    I have swollen glands and my neck and back wicked hurt but I take vicodin and it helps alot. I try not to take too much though and to ride out the pain. I think you are in a flare and need to ride it out too. Try to rest and hang in there I know you will feel better soon. don't over do it when you feel good and try to pace yourself and remember you are not alone. I was so dizzy I started falling down just like a little old lady and I had a test done called a ENG and am waiting for the results. Rest as much as possible and take alot of vitamin C
    Good Luck
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    Hi Jofla,

    My neck is really bothering me also. It is so tight, I have headaches and so much dizziness from it. I had a MRi done a few monthes ago and I had degenerative disk diseas(moderate). My neck even looks swollen alot.

    The only thing I`ve found that helps is muscle relaxants and the heating pad on it. I also ice it sometimes. Make sure you have a good pillow when you sleep. That can make a differance also.
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    sevrely with head, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. Nothing really helps. I have done it all. The spasms are the worst. My husbands hands hurt him after he tries to massage my neck for me. He says I need a vise put on it and turned down to the tightest setting but even then I would probably not feel it. I have tried most muscle relaxers, chiropractic care, heat, cold, baths, rubs, pain meds etc. I have severe TMJ and have had 2 surgeries.I also have what the chiropractor calls "chronic whiplash". My neck has a reverse curve. I am scheduled to get trigger point injections in a couple of weeks and am hoping this will help. Hang in there. Keep looking for a solution. Never give up.

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    You know up until recently I never suffered this bad from fm and I have had it since 1992. Now its like just gotten a hold of me and won't let go. I sometimes wonder if this is something worse, fm can't be this bad!!!!! I am scheduled for an mri on friday of my spine. I was telling the neurologist about the dizziness and he wants to rule out cervical stenosis. He says fm does get really bad. I think that I will go to a rhuemy next month. this is really miserable. I am so sorry that all of us are hurting.
    Many soft hugs,

    again thank you for all of the replys.

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    I am 54 and have had FM/CFS since my early teens. However, several years ago my neck, shoulder area, and back started giving me constant, unbearable pain. My hands, feet, and knees would also be swollen and painful. I would wake up in the mornings with a stiff neck, swollen neck/shoulder area, poor flexibility, and my back hurt so bad I couldn't put my socks, pants, or shoes on. I would have horrible headaches in which my vision would sometimes get blurry, and I felt dizzy as though I were going to faint.

    Since I was so used to the pain, aching, soreness, and stiffness of FM, I thought I was just in a long, bad flare. Then, one morning--I couldn't get out of bed at all. I ended up having x-rays and an MRI done and discovered that I had advanced degenerative disc disease {DDD} with 3 discs completely gone, bulging discs, herinated discs, some shattered vertebraes, and up around my neck/shoulder area I had pinched nerves and disc problems. The swelling in my hands, knees, and feet were from arthritis. Went to Orthopedists and other Specialists, and they all agreed that surgery would not benefit me.

    If your neck/shoulder problems persist, don't "assume" that it's just FM or an extended FM flare. Get an MRI and have it checked out. Don't wait as long as I did until nothing can be done about it.

    Make sure your bed is comfortable and supportive with several good pillows. I found that, for me, Tiger Balm works the best for a rub-in salve at home, and I carry a roll on lotion called Joint-Ritis Arthritis Pain Reliever while at work, traveling, or out in public. It rolls on like an underarm deorderant, and therefore, your hands don't get messy. It works well for me and is convenient to use while on the go. At home, I alternate the use of ice or a heating pad. A frozen bag of green peas wrapped in paper towels works great for the ice therapy. While on the go, I use ThermaCare Therapeutic HeatWraps. They are like a portable heating pad that sticks to your body and lasts for 8 hours. They come in a Red Box, in different sizes, 3 or 4 to a box, and can be purchased at Wal-Mart (cheaper) or drug stores. I use the shoulder size for my neck/shoulder area and various places on my back. They come wrapped in individual packets, are air activated once you open the packet, and work very well for me. I always keep several at work and carry some in my bag. Just stick it on the affected area real good the first time, and it will stay in place all day. Do not use oils or creams when using these as they will not stick.

    I have found that, for me, Soma is the best muscle relaxer on the market. I'm supposed to take 3 a day, but I only take two--one just before I get off work, and one before bedtime. They worked much better for me than flexeril or all the other muscle relaxers I've tried. And for my neck, shoulder, and back problems, I also take oxycontin which is a long lasting, time-released oxycodone [this does not contain tylenol, aspirin, or any thing else; percocet (which is oxycondone with tylenol) for breakthrough pain; Bextra which is an anti-inflammatory that works well for me after trying so many others that did not work, and klonopin at night for sleep and restless legs. I also take a fourth of a klonopin during mid-morning and mid-afternoon which keeps my body from tighting up and getting stiff, sore, and having muscle spasms--plus it helps to relieve any underlying anxiety. Seems to work especially well on FM. All these meds were prescribed for my neck, shoulder, back degenerative disc disease problems, but also work well for the aching & pain of my FM and various types of arthritis. And, taking nice, hot, relaxing soaks in the tub with epsom salts, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil or other essential oils you may like help a great deal. And getting a massage once a week works wonders for your entire body--especially the sore, aching parts--and lifts your spirits. Or just having someone massage you with the Tiger Balm or essential oils diluted with grape seed or almond oil (all of which you can usually find in a good health food store) works well--concentrating on the painful areas then covering your neck, shoulder area, and back with a warm towel just out of the dryer while you lay there blissfully listening to peaceful, mystical music as the Tiger Balm or oils soak into your body under the warmth of the heated towel.

    However, getting quality sleep, adequate rest, and not overdoing it are essential components to your health care along with healthy eating habits. I found that caffeine triggered more pain, swelling, and soreness--so I had to give up my beloved Cokes and anything else that contained caffeine...there went my passion for chocolate! BUT I CONFESS....everyonce in a while I am willing to pay the consequences for a slice of double fudge cake chased by an ice cold Coke!!!!!

    My blood sugar also drops when I am tired, or stressed out, overwhelmed, upset, in too much pain, or don't get good sleep, adequate rest, or overdo. But, I notice if I eat a candy bar (which isn't a good way to fix this), my blood sugar comes back up again, and I feel better. A Specialist told me it was just a form of reactive hypoglycemia, and to avoid that happening I should nibble on some healthy snacks in between meals or eat a tablespoon of peanut butter. So, I keep fruit in my office or eat a couple of those packaged peanuts butter & ritz crackers.

    Sorry this is so long, but I hope it helps because I know how miserable neck, shoulder, and back pain is whether it is caused from FM, arthritis, or degenerative disc disease. It hurts just the same. Best Wishes to you, and I hope you get to feeling better soon. However, I would encourage you to get an MRI and see what is causing your neck & shoulder pain. Blessings, Carol....