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    Hi all
    I mainly just need to whine and vent a little here.

    The weather has changed again here, has been crazy for a few weeks now.

    My arms and hands and neck are giving me so much pain, especially today.
    So much that my pain med isn't helping much at all. And, to top it all off, I have a lot of extra work today-stuffing 750 lists into envelopes! And, the whole morning I've been constantly typing.
    So, I have to stop typing now.
    Thanks for listening


    Today is Friday, and my pain is worse. It's so terrible! I feel like I should've called in sick and stayed home to take muscle relaxers all day to see if that will do any good. But, my sick days are running low, and I'm so swamped with all this work. At least it is Friday, and I can try and relax over the weekend. Doubt that, though, there's so much that needs to be done at home, too. I just never know when a terrible pain flare like this will pop up. I've got to start noticing what triggers them and do something to prevent some of the pain. Of course the weather is part of the reason, and I definitely can't control that. [This Message was Edited on 04/09/2010]
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    Hi Loto,

    I'm sorry you've had a hard day. This board is so helpful just because you know everyone reading your post can literally feel your pain. I wish we could help ease it for you.

    Hang in there.
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    Loto - I too have been experiencing bad flares the past week. Our temperatures in my region have ranged from 80 to 40. It is snowing today - go figure. That kind of weather wreaks havoc with the pain. I too am taking pain meds and nothing is helping.

    Some people on this board say take pain meds and go to bed. I have to work though!
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    When you say your arms hurt..does that include your elbows? I have so much pain in mine. I have been Diagnosed with FM and MS. Have gone to a lot of different docs, but finally said, hey, just treat a symptom when it comes up.
    You went to work, I'm glad that you can! :) But on man, I can't imagine the pain of stuffing envelopes, sounds like it would trigger hand and wrist pain for sure. Joints are a biggy for me.
    My back and neck have been hurting real bad this past couple of weeks..I use a lot of heat!
    The weather also triggers things for me, like migraines..ugggh! They are horrible. I'm not sure where you live, but let's hope that tomorrow is a better day for you!
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    I ended up with a terrible migraine by Friday evening, and it was still with me when I woke up Saturday morning.
    I ended up taking 1 Aleve, along with my hydrocodone, and it gradually lessened and went away.

    Yes, my elbows act up a lot also. The pain in my elbows is on the insides of them, and yes it hurts SO BAD!!!! When I could afford to get "every 2 weeks" massages, it would just about kill me when my massage therapist got to my elbows! He would make me take deep breaths so he could really "dig into" those spots to try and do them some good. The massages did temporarily help, so I think the terrible pain during his work was worth it.

    So now it's been warm and sunny for 3 days in a row now, and the rest of the week looks the same. I'm feeling much better so far this week, thank goodness!

    Thanks Cynthia!