terrible stomach spasms!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clueless, Aug 10, 2003.

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    I am sorry to post on this again but was not able to find my other post and have not been able to get on line lately. I am having bad spasms in my stomach---feels like a not so gentle kick. It has become often and is very painful.Does anyone else have this problem? The new pain specialist added an additional oxycontin and neurontin so I am now taking them three times a day. It absolutely makes a zombie out of me!!! If I sit down I am in a drugged sleep. I just can`t live that way. I am dropping the noon time dose. He saw the report on my nerve conuction test and immediately jumped on the pheriphial neuropathy line. That is not the problem!!! I have gone thru that with other Drs. but he left the room before I could answer him. I am so frustrated the pain is eating me alive and no-one wants to think deeply on whats wrong. I would appreciate any one with this problem answering me. Thanks! Clueless
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    Are you having IBS spasms? diarrhea? I am not sure what you mean, but I sure know the spasms in the stomach!

    All that I do for them is use a heating pad, in bed and one in the bathroom too.

    I do take a piece of Xanax (under the tongue, it works fast that way) which seems to quiet them down when they get where I can't stand up with the pain.

    If this is what you are talking about, I usually trigger mine from stress or the wrong foods.

    This is not much help, but just though I would mention what I am doing for this.

    I sure hope you are better soon, those spasms are horrific.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I am not sure if this is what you mean but I have IBS and I get episodes of horrible stomach spasms. I have yet to figure out how to treat them, but when I get them I cannot work- I am bassically incapacitated by abdominal pain and sometimes nassea and vomiting as well. I cannot recommend anything because my doctors seem rather confused about the whole thing. I get these pains off and on, usually not lasting more than a week, and sometimes only a day.
    Sorry i could not be more help,
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    Same here.....really,really bad stomach knots!!! And me being on the thin side....when I lay on my back during these spasms/cramping, I can litterally see and feel bulges that move from my upper stomach down the left side towards my left ovary and groin. During thses bad episodes I have alot of rumbling noises in my tummy!! Mine get so bad I can't go anywhere......Because I never know if I'm gonna need to use the bathroom quick!!and my need to go is urgent when it hits!! I see a gasterontologist who DX me with IBS/spastic colon~ It is very hard to learn to live with. Hope you get some answers to your pain soon. Warm regards,
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    Years ago I had the worst time with my colon. Bentyl has been a REAL answer for me! I seldom have troubles now...THANK GOD...but when I do I can look to extra stress I've had and/or food as the cause. While traveling 2 yrs. ago, I had a horrible attack after eating a big salad when we stopped. I'm VERY cautious as to how much lettuce I take in.
    Taking 1 Bentyl can help me break that AWFUL CYCLE OF SPASMS & sweating pain.And sometimes I need a 2nd or 3rd dose. See what your doctor advices about this suggestion.
    I pray this is helpful & that you feel MUCH better soon!
    God bless,