Terrible tragedy

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  1. webintrig

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    A woman from my husband work has died unexplained. She was found in her back yard. Young woman I think going through a divorce.

    Anyhow she leaves behind a child, a daughter that is three years old.

    My husband did not know her very well and his work is making a scrapbook for this little girl for when she gets older she can read what all the people that worked with her mother said about her mother.

    Do you have any suggestions what he can put down maybe to help this little girl later in life... a special prayer...

    He asked me and I am at a loss of words.

    I am at a loss as to what to say or do as I know he is too.

    He has not worked there very long and the lady has said "Hi" to him but that is about all.

    Others people there have been real close to her and are heartbroken about all this.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

  2. lovethesun

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    but I will pray that the little girl does well in the confusion coming into her ife,She won't realize it until later.My daughter lost her father at 5 and didn;t really understand what was going on.inda
  3. dejovu

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    That is unbelievably tough. What I might want if it were me would be something tangible.

    Like something with her mothers hand writing on it. Something she could touch. If that makes any sence.

    I will be saying prayers for all. De
  4. myalgiamania

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    i feel so very sad. i think of my own children and know how much they need me and would miss me. you cant replace a mother. i think a special prayer might help, and as he didnt know her well, just a few words on what she looked like and some special personality traits....like she was very sweet, or always smiling...something like that.

    God Bless
  5. webintrig

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    I am not very knowledgeable on the scripture and what I was thinking is there a scripture that relates to this.

    Like if and when she gets older and she might become angry and question God why did you take my mom away?

    Me and my husband wanted to put something in there that will help her understand and not to be anger at the Lord.

    Something to lead her to the Lord and to answer that question{s}.

    Do you know of any scripture that pertains to these questions or situation?

  6. webintrig

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    They are doing a balloon release in honor of her today.

    Thank you for the scriptures, I think they will work.

    Thank you all for the prayers and the kind words.

    It is going to be another sad and heartbreaking day today
    after the balloon release because the little girl will be there.

    Thanks so much for caring and sharing!
  7. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    Dear Jesus, as You are with this child today, let her understand that You are going to take care of her.

    Let those around her show her Your love and kindness. Protect her from anything that might hurt her.

    Be with all that gather today and give them Your love and understanding. I ask this in Your Name, Amen
  8. kgangel

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    Wow, that is very very sad indeed

    I will pray for her family

    I am so sorry about this

    May God Bless them

  9. webintrig

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    and the little girl and the grandparents were there.

    Can you believe that the city came out and said there was an ordiance that you could not release more than 200 balloons!

    How cold of them to do and say that! My mouth dropped opened.

    Good news my husband made three pages and one went to the grandparents on how to help a person in a time like this that he got from a christian book of listed.

    He also gave the little girl a teddy bear with wings and told her that she is never alone and when she feels that way hug that teddy bear and pray and the teddy bear will send her prayer{s} up to the Lord for her.

    She said ok, I promise , nothing will happen to the teddy bear he will be with me always...

    I know this is a tear jerker but I just wanted to share with you this!

    Thank you my friends for all the prayers.

    In Christ love,