terrible weakness in legs, is it...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sumbuni, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. sumbuni

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    part of chronic fatigue? or fms?

    I started working out yesterday...me and the "elipse" didn't get along too well. Using it made my legs feel so weak, and today they still are, except now the weakness seems to generate from my lower back down my hips and back of legs to my feet. Do you think it's part of this DD or do I need to look further?

    God Bless you all!

  2. Jackie41

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    From my experience, it's a big part of fibromyalgia. When it's bad I have to use two forearm crutches for support.
    I had a big neuro workup and it didn't find anything, so i figure it must be part of the fibro. I think if it was a neuro disease, it wouldn't come and go like it does. What works for me is to use the crutches when I have to walk very far or when I walk for exercise, at the mall, for example. This allows me to get more exercise and I don't have to use the crutches as much the rest of the time. I suppose that sounds goofy, but it works for me.


  3. suz41

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    Hi Sumbuni:

    Sounds to me like it could be alot of things, maybe an FM flare due to overexerting yourself in that case you should try a warm bath with epsom salts and I use Malic acid and Magnesium for pain and weakness. If you have a back problem like many do here I would have it checked out by your doctor if you don't feel any better in a couple of days. Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad, next time you excercise go real slow... Overexerting can cause flaring .Keep us posted Soft hugs,

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    I got sick in the '80's before the medical community knew anything about it. I had ran a support group for cfs/fms and the leg weakness wasn't one of the symptoms most people had then. One day, my legs just quit on me at the mall. Something most people take for granted, walking, you just do it. Now, it comes and goes. Somedays I use a cart to hang on, other days I don't need to! I had an mri to rule out MS. I think it is all a part of this disorder. My dr believes in the virus theory. When I got sick, I joined a gym to exercise it away and it only exacerbated the symptoms. I believe it's part of the cfs, overexercising.
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    if it could be part of the DD. At one time sitting at all led to a really bad spell of weakness in my lower back and down my legs. I went to a "bone" doctor. He x-rayed my back, and I do have degenerative problems with the disks in my lower back, but he had already told me that he had never heard of anything like what I discribed. It isn't really what I would call PAIN, but a really weird feeling, and my legs and back feel like water. I can FEEL it when it leaves, too!

    I got caught in the rain on the way into a church for a wedding. I had to stop and wait for the feeling to return, because I couldn't take a step. My so-called husband got really upset with me. I couldn't help it...the legs just would not GO.

    Thanks for the comebacks!

    God Bless!