TERRIFIED of own neighbor

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  1. Well, I tell you all.... I am just so beside myself, so frustrated, so lost nowadays... I'm upset with myself, (for causing this...)
    You know the saying! "No good deed goes unpunished."
    Ok... well, our old neighbors, a nice young couple, who are friends with a lot of people hubby & I are also friends with, moved from their home probably 2 yrs ago now.
    They tried to sell it, without listing with a realtor. It sat, and sat, and sat.. all the while, they have a baby, a new (huge old farm house), they are having a really bad first year of business, farming with another guy.. etc.
    So.. about 3-4 months ago, they sought out a realtor--- to help them RENT the place(!!??)
    Well, from day one, things were not so great...a young(ish) man & woman moved in. They have never once appeared even the slightest bit kind. the woman, is literally ALWAYS cursing *Someone* out on her cell phone..

    Well-they brought a dog with them, when they moved...
    They gave him JUST enough rope, to get to his (way way too small, poorly built) doghouse... they leave for DAYS, feeding him only when they feel like stopping by to do so, due to such a short leash (this dog is a german shephard/ possibly rottweiler mix), he barks insessantly, whined, howled, etc..
    The guy- They both, just WALK AROUND, with the most hateful looks on their faces. ALL THE TIME. I've never heard either one speak, it's always *very harsh* and very angry- almost like *snarling* at each other, or at the dog. That's it.
    My only relief, was that he leaves like at 5AM for work, and is gone until probably 5,6, or even 7pm.

    She, on the other hand, does not appear to work at all, but, comes and goes, very sporadically, every day...
    I try not to make assumptions about people... but, there IS a humongous drug problem here, (here= this city, but, also my neighborhood gets worse, and worse. we *were* your 'typical small town', until 10 yrs or so, ago.. the last 3-5 yrs, ever so much worse, with both, cocaine, AND methamphetamine use, labs, etc just exploding all over the place.)
    I estimate, that 80% of my street are on drugs, use alcohol *heavily*, or both. I may even be *conservative* in that estimate, as, the first year we lived here- the very end house, turned out to be a meth lab/dealer.

    *add on* - I JUST walked my dogs down the street to go potty- unfortunately- the neighbor was out on her front porch- not only that- but there are THREE CARS parked in the MIDDLE of the road (dead end street) and a bunch of underaged drinkers- they seem to be acquainted with her.... I could hear her & others on her porch talking about me, & my dogs immediately- I am SHAKING- I was so scared that ANY of those people- OR ALL, would follow me acrossed the bridge, where it is dark (my old elementary school is there) and do something to me! I cannot believe this.

    Now, back to this dog these people have, and the reason I am now in fear-the final straw, was Sunday, my husband came in with our dogs, from having just taken them to go potty... The guy (who had been gone for probably a WEEK, but, the girl, had been gone, maybe 48 hours....) came home, to feed the dog...
    My husband SAW this guy, just walk up to the dog, which was simply laying on the ground, not doing ANYTHING... and for no reason at all, this guy KICKED THE DOG, before feeding him! My husband said the dog didn't even whimper.
    Prior to that, I had only *heard* him, AND the girl, talking very hateful to the dog, making threats- and *flinching* at him.. though, my uncle had just told me last week, that HE, (from 2 more houses away from mine- so 3 houses down from them) had seen the GIRL "punching the hell out of him" (the dog).

    My uncle said he had no idea why, that all he could guess, was that the dog had wrapped his rope around her legs.
    The terrible neglect, and hateful manner they had used on this dog, had already affected ME terribly, deep emotional turmoil.
    I felt like every day that I just sat by and watched the dog suffer, and did nothing, that I was just as much an 'accomplice' so to speak.
    However, I also knew, that, because he was so far back in the yard, and because the other side of their yard had a large wooden privacy fence up..... that if I did 'do something' to try & help this dog(which I have more than once fed at 2 & 3AM, by flashlight- once in the middle of a TERRIBLE storm.....that they would surely know it was me, who did call animal control.
    I just flew off the handle though, when hubby came in & told me about the guy kicking him... and I picked the phone right up, & called our local police (that's how you report animal calls, they have ONE animal control officer, and he works through the police station & dispatch)...
    Well, the dispatcher told me he wouldn't be in until 'tomorrow' (Monday) , and that he would call me. (good, I thought, because, I wanted to express to him, my reluctance, due to fear of these people, and to also be able to give him further details, Specifically to let him know that less than a week ago, the woman for whatever reason, DID give this dog a long rope finally, so that he has quite a bit of the yard to explore, and exercise- I'd wanted to let the officer know, that until last week, the poor dog had only had about three feet, five at the very most, to 'roam'...)

    I took my dogs out, at 8:30 am, Monday, forgetting, really, about the call to the police- when... kind of to my horror.... there came the animal control officer.... WITH the woman that lives there, to the back yard.
    Well, she showed him bones for the dog, biscuits, ear drops, etc... asked if he wanted to see the 20lb dog food bag, etc... (I'm thinking- YEAH- NONE of that matters IF YOU'RE NOT THERE TO GIVE THEM TO HIM!!!!!) The dog, however, would NOT come near her. She told the animal control officer, it was because he thought she had his ear stuff, and he hates that- she said it 2-3 times.

    From about 4-5 minutes after that officer left,

    ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE with that woman.

    (it's been very cool friday-monday here, so everyone's windows were open)....
    First she called the guy who lives with her, screaming & cursing, calling me every name in the book, threatening this, that, & the other.. referring to my *sister* (she's also my CAREGIVER when hubby's gone & I'm sick) as "her fat f**ing friend"....She said over & over that SHE was going to the police station (even through my massive dread and fear- I LAUGHED at that! on the inside, anyways.).. saying she was gonna take down that fence, see how that bi**h (meaning me) liked THAT!"
    Then- she goes to her open window- knowing mine are open, and screams "nasty ole' bi**h!"

    This continues, and continues, she then calls someone else... tells them the same old stuff- but adds lies about MY dogs, says one is a chihuahua (NOT) and that I scream at my dogs to 'shut up' (yea, my dogs have clothes, heating pads they lay on, TWO hand made beds (by my sister), etc....

    She again, goes to her window, & yells, "FAT BI*CH!" (I'm not fat, and she outweighs me by a good 20lbs, I wouldnt even call *her* fat...)

    Threatens, threatens, threatens... on & on.

    I'm so upset, I go to the laundry room (window was closed) close the door over, & call MY MOM- I am 31 yrs old, married 9 yrs... but, was so lost, scared, frustrated with myself that I had called animal control(apparently for no reason, too..), just wishing I'd never done it, because I KNEW this would be a mess. I just didn't know how terrible.

    So, now, here we are, prisoners, of our own HOME! Trying to take our dogs out when they are either not home, or inside... taking the dogs to the side yard, etc...
    At the same time, we can't do that forever.... and can't hide out, even if she KNOWS it was me... acting like it was, only makes it worse...

    This is just horrible. I'm so upset. I just couldn't take that poor dog being so neglected, (and abused), anymore... yet, at the same time... I knew nothing would happen, and, as I said... I knew they would know, (or at least assume) it was me. My uncle had wanted to call, but, HE'd even said, "they'll still think it was you" & chuckled..

    I can tell no one in this neighborhood... i can't go into huge details about one specific neighbor, because... he is in a position of power... but... well.... not to be trusted, unfortunately. I have to leave it at that.

    The neighborhood, is almost completely gossips, drunks/druggies.

    I feel SO ALONE.

    I feel like I am in SCHOOL, fearing the 'bully'.. except, nowadays, people will SHOOT you, for 'looking at them wrong'. People who are on drugs, are just terrifying. There is no rationale, or reasoning with them...

    I feel so stupid for calling. I know I *probably* shouldn't. but, I do. And, feel so sorry for hubby too.
    We just try to live our lives, and not bother people... but, I tried to help. I knew the consequence- thus, feeling STUPID.

    I witness child abuse, neglect, and or endangerment in this neighborhood, almost on a daily basis...underaged drinking, government fraud, fireworks are ALWAYS being let off, all hours, any day/night, stereos, and I am just as guilty as these neglectful parents/grandparents for doing nothing... but, when you TRY to do something.... your yard, vehicles, animals, and even your own LIFE get put in jeopardy. Good people are a minority. This taking place, with someone right in the middle of it, who's job is supposed to be to serve and protect- what hope does ANYbody have?
    Please just pray for me. This is just awful. I'm tearing up for the first time since this happened. But, I am truly upset with myself. I feel like I ALWAYS do the wrong thing. I've felt that way my whole life, and now I feel like the little lost, scared, insecure, sad child who doesn't understand why she does the things she does- geez. Now I'm crying :-(

    Prayers for our safety are greatly, DEEPLY appreciated, and maybe that, those people MOVE, very soon... I don't see this 'blowing over'. We lock our doors, keep the blinds closed, and can't leave our own dogs in our own fenced in back yard, they are all mixed up, with this new 'schedule' and always being on leash, and not in the backyard. :-(

    Thanks. Little Lost Laura
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    I am so sorry this is happening. I don't have time to stay on right now , but please know that I will be praying for you and thinking of you OFTEN.

  3. Thank you so much for responding.

    Hubby came home, about half an hour ago, and I told him, I wanted to apologize to him, and he said "for what"...

    I got a sentence or two out, then burst into tears. I told him, "for putting us all in this position," He shrugged & said it happens,I said, no, it doesn't.. didn't have to.."

    As soon as he saw/heard that I was bawling,(that doggone tell-tale voice quiver/crack) "he said don't cry baby", & held me in a hug in the kitchen, and boy my past issues came out,

    & I told him what I had shared on here, about how small I feel, how I feel just like the little nerdy, shy, insecure little girl I was as a child, and how I remember way back then, wondering what I did wrong sometimes,(I was a very good kid, and, only the "roughians" (Mom's word, lol) were mean to me, but, being very sensitive, I always got my feelings hurt.. everyone else liked me, so I always wanted to know why they didn't. What I did, to cause them to be so mean to me ("Four-eyes" - amazing how that DUMB old 'name' hurt as a kid. sheesh, ugh.)

    Even after all I've lived through in my life, and 'jaded' as I am.. in a lot of ways, I am still SO tenderhearted. Seen as a wonderful quality when I was a child, and now it seems like it's a weakness. Almost an 'emotional *handicap*' as an adult sometimes.

    Continuing our conversation in the kitchen,
    Hubby just said "sweetheart you *did* the right thing" I said, "NO,.... I *didn't*"...

    "In God's eyes, yes," but, in this world, *this neighborhood*, I'M the witch, a nosy b*t*h, horrible person, who "don't have anything BETTER to do!" etc.

    I said, "I know if I had sat & calmed down for a while, I would have let it go, like I do everything else I 'threaten' to finally do something about". & He said, "yeah".

    (NOT that doing nothing about some of those things gives me ANY peace-of-mind.. There are some terrible things going on here, but, I feel helpless.)

    People will give you a DIRTY look, just for trying to HELP them- example- my stepdad one day, just instinctively, tried to redirect a very, very small boy on a bicycle, who, was about to dart out into the road one time..He saw no adult, ANYWHERE- but, suddenly, there was 'she' was.. his mother I guess.. and she looked at my stepfather SO HATEFULLY- as if she were saying "how dare HE talk to HER child-"

    didn't matter to her that he was putting himself in severe danger, and that she hadn't been watching him at all..

    It seems that the only people who are able to 'make a difference' have to have powerful, influential people, or advocacy group behind them. One person alone, or even groups, of 'just people' (average joe's) only paint huge targets on their own backs, should they dare try to get someone (or in this case, an animal) help.

    (**Please God, send some interventions to this neighborhood, especially for the children* *I tried, and you see what is happening to us right now, over that poor dog... I feel helpless, and children & animals here desperately need your help**)

    I really appreciate your post, and more importantly your prayers, and thank you so much, and how kind of you to let me know "and thinking of you OFTEN"... it truly helped my heart.

    ****edited to add**** :-D

    I wanted to tell you,Holly, that our newest little angel we adopted after my baby Abby had to be put to sleep suddenly(a tiny Pug- I wish I knew how to post a picture in profile on here) is named..... Holly! :p (She & her 6 siblings were born on Dec 10th, close to X-mas, thus, a Sunday school class helped her rescuer name them all, they, along with their mama were shoved into a DVD box, and dumped behind a KFC.)

    She's an adorable little Doxie mix. 1.5 yrs old now. We got her at approx. 8wks, 5 days old. :)

    In closing, thank you again, so much, it means A LOT to me... and we'll sure need the prayers.

    GOD BLESS YOU for reading through my extremely long posts. I *never* mean for them to be, but, they are. :-(

    Anyhow... ty.

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    I hope today is a better day for you. Your neighbors sound like they are on drugs the way that they act. I would have called them on the dog too. I hope they get caught and the dog is taken to a place where it can be loved and cared for. God tells us to take care of His creatures and what they are doing to this poor animal is a SIN . I feel sick just thinking about it.

    You are always in my prayers. And so are your neighbors. They need prayer badly.

  5. TwoCatDoctors

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    You may want to record all this shouting coming from your neighbor's property, which includes their foul language, and then write the owner who has moved away. Explain that her tenants are just yelling everything (send her a copy of the tape) and disturbing your peace. It will place the landlord on notice of the problem and she may not decide to renew with them. Prayers going your way.
  6. fibromickster

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    Yes, you should have called animal control and I would keep calling them until they do something about it. That is just not right for that poor doggie, or better yet, when they are not home take the dog yourself and give him/her to someone you know that will take care of him/her. I am serious, you need to get that dog out of there ASAP, and no one would ever know. That is the perfect solution.

    My heart aches so much for that doggie, please help him/her. I am also praying for you that you will be safe and that God will give you courage to help the dog. Maybe you could get a restraining order after you do this so they can't do anything to you.

    Good luck!!!!!
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  7. isiselixir

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    PLEASE call animal control!
  8. Please see my post again, animal control is what got my neighbor's cursing at me, making threats, lying (don't care, she was only lying about me to her boyfriend that lives with her- the one who kicked the dog, and also to whom I believe was her mother, on her phone after animal control left.... she got right on that cell phone screaming & yelling, cursing, talking all sorts of junk about me, and then walking over to her open window & calling me a b**ch several times.)

    I wish that animal control officer would have taken the dog away. Though, I doubt they'll treat him badly again... time will tell.

    I wouldn't know though, since, like I said, every since I called, and he showed up... I've been avoiding those people like the plague. I've had to be outside the same time they were, but, very briefly, no eye contact... and I hurried back in.

    She (and he) are definitely drug users, and she does not seem to have any plans of letting this 'go'.

    anyways, I'm off to bed for now, I have a long yucky day tomorrow at IU Medical Center.


  9. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I wanted to mention this to you in hopes that it might help you. When I pray (and I do my prayers every morning with my cats because at night my back is too bad to concentrate to pray), I always ask for God's guidance on difficult situations. Many times I have had several options on a problem and for some reason I end up taking the best option and I think I received some guidance on that. This is just a suggestion, but when praying on this situation, ask for His guidance with this situation and see eventually what happens. Hugs.
  10. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    are with you Laura.

    i would have done the exact same thing calling animal control. You did make the right decision.

    i understand how you fear these people, hopefully they will move out and you won't have to have them as near. My prayers are with you, hugs too.

    Hopefully animal control will have another call about their dog. Maybe the dog will get lose from the chain and run away. that would be wonderful. I have many pets and i would never ever mistreat any of them, they are my companions and joy.

    i will pray for you and this situation. Stay strong and keep us posted on anything new.

    We are all here to listen and pray for all.
    Be Well
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Even tho things have turned out to be so stressful for you, i want to say a heartfelt thank you to you for being so brave and calling animal control. The welfare of all these poor beasts depends on people like you who are willing to forgo their own comfort and do the right thing. If the hateful hateful woman and man are treating this dog a little better, remember it is solely due to your conscientiousness in calling the police. (Thank you for clandestinely feeding the poor animal). Its such a heartbreaking situation for this dog but i am comforted knowing you are its neighbour.

    I am praying this issue gets resolved soon, with the doggie getting taken away to a better place and them having leave the neighbourhood. No one should have to live with people such as these.

    Meanwhile dont let these bullies get to you, dont let your body language show youre afraid, bullies thrive on scaring others....you have done nothng wrong, YOU should be the one shouting at them and telling them off for mistreating their dog. I used to be such a docile person but have had to perforce shout and scream my lungs out at some of my own neighbours when they try funny things and try to oppress me. If you have any male relative or husband has work friends call them over and try and let them see that you guys are not alone.

    Look her straight in the eye when she is cussing out....ive always noticed bullies need to be confronted and shouted down....they dont respond to civil talk. Dont look for trouble but do let her see that you will not take threats. Tell her it was not you who called animal control but if she did anything at all, you would not hesitate to call police. Of course dont do this when youre alone.

    My prayers with you for the Almighty to protect you and look after you. Thank you once again for being on the side of angels.


    God Bless You
  12. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Has this past week been any easier on you with your neighbors ?

    I do think of you often with this situation and i pray the whole situation will be better.

    Be Well
  13. soulight

    soulight New Member

    How is the situation with your neighbors ? Are you and your family doing OK ?

    In His Grace,
  14. TYSM (thank you so much)

    everyone who has thought of me/us, and those neighbors, & the dog, "Bobo".

    Well, fear only stays with us so far, I guess. It did surely pass. It's now more of a huge, frustration, inconvenience, still very uncomfortable.. but,

    I avoid them (the woman especially*) whenever humanly possible, when not possible, I absolutely ignore her completely, not even a glance her way...

    She has cursed, screamed, threatened, and, lastly, flipped me off, and, once I guess she 'got it out of her system' for the time being, anyways... she mutters, & mocks me under her breath..

    She has now made herself 'acquainted' with the police officer (ok... he serves subpoena's all day.. nearing retirement age, and according to town gossip, never has be exactly 'patrol' material... nor jailer, etc)... acrossed the street.

    She certainly can act! ugh.

    She's fooling no one but herself, though, if she does not truly realize that EVERYONE within 2 houses in any direction, hears her continually cursing her head off, slamming things around, talking to "Bobo" soooo hatefully, etc.

    Bobo- for him... life HAD gotten much better, in that he was on a very, very long rope, and could even give my little doxie mix who loves him 'kisses' through the fence.

    Then, for no reason at all, once again-last week, my sister & I both noticed, he'd been put on the extremely short rope/line again.. all week I was woken up off and on almost constantly from probably 4:30-5am on. Having had 'freedom' and THEN getting that *short* rope again, *really* broke Bobo's spirit, and he was back to howling, yelping, trying to run & break his rope, CONSTANTLY.

    Just as I went to check today, to take pictures of his intolerable living condition, so as to have PROOF for animal control... he is now on a longer rope again- though it's about 1/3 as long as his previously LONG one, unfortunately, he's still sad, because he cannot see much at all, just wood fence on 2 sides, a concrete block garage, and then whatever visual he has of my backyard, he gets to see my squirrel, and sees my dogs running & playing, :(

    She is definitely still home more now, and, I see her feed him in the mornings... she always has, the problem had been though, both her and the man, would leave friday morning, and MAYBE feed "Bobo" on a sunday morning/afternoon... then come home finally sunday night...

    The 'ear drops' she showed to animal control, the food bag... none of that actually gets done, nor used... she is always scraping off a plate into a tiny bowl, feeding him table scraps I guess.. which is fine... he isn't underweight... but, showing those ear drops... OH! that ticked me off, because, she knows, and I know, she doesn't USE THEM on him.

    Anyhow, things, as I said.. are just basically, uncomfortable... certainly 'less than ideal'... but, *sigh* I've realized unfortunately, that they MAY NOT go anywhere for a while. I HOPE they do, but, if they don't... then, "it is, what it is"...

    Where Bobo's concerned, I don't know what to say... we don't understand what is with all this short rope, long rope, short rope again, slightly longer rope thing they seem to be doing to him.

    Just know I'm always keeping my eyes, and when applicable, *ears* open, for Bobo's sake.

    I've become 'friends' somewhat with the neighbors on my other side, they are 5 & 7 yrs younger than myself, & married less than a year, and... surprise, surprise, THEY'VE seen her hit 'bobo' too. *sigh*

    Anyways.. I've not *SEEN* her nor him beat Bobo.... but, she seems to lose her temper with him again... she "behaved" for a while, then she became HERSELF again. Same for the evil guy she lives with. Ugh.

    "Love thy neighbor, Love thy neighbor, Love thy neighbor" ('s dog, anyways, LOL ;-)

    So, that's the update. Just avoiding as much as humanly possible, she yelled at MY dog the other day too, "SHUT UP!" because holly (my doxie mix, our younger baby) for barking at her- not even like 'incessant' or excessively barking, like 3 barks, & I heard her say "SHUT UP" so, I told hubby to go get the dogs, then when he came in, I told him why... (if I can hear HER, I'm sure she can hear us, when he's in one room, and I'm in the other).

    TYALL again for asking, & keeping us in mind.

    I sure do love that precious animal they so mistreat. I will always do what's best, and what is right... I just have to play by this LAZY world's rules, (rock solid PROOF of abuse, as in not just still pictures, but video if need be) but, until then, I just watch him, and when they are not home, I continue to talk to him, & tell him "I see you, I see you, yessss you're a good boy!".. but, I feel like that makes him sadder too, he's in God's hands.

    Take care all
  15. soulight

    soulight New Member

    The fact that you talk to the dog and tell him he is a good boy probably is a gift from God to the dog ! You never know how God may use you and I bet that when you talk to the dog it is a very bright time of his day.

    God Bless you . You are still in my prayers . So is that precious doggy !

  16. thank you so very much for such kind words,, yes, I too only hope, and like to think, that it does somehow mean something to that sweet animal, whenever I can speak a few kind, soft, words to him, since, he is only used to harsh, gruff, squawking & yelling.

    I talked to him just an hour ago or so, & told him again, "yes, yesss, I SEE YOU, you're a good boy" because he was barking, very upset that I was bringing my dogs inside, and he is so lonely.

    In fact, he's howling now. I tell you that rips me apart. I'm surprised really, that neither person is home over there, it's nearly 8:30, and at least, on weekdays, the guy is always home nearly same time, 5:30-6:30pm. She* comes and goes, each & every day- though her van had a handicapped license plate, I don't know if her SUV does (apparently the van finally died...) or not, and, I try not to judge, since, of course, many of us suffer more than one "invisible illness"..

    I could only hope to be as functional, or even HALF as functional as she, whatever illness she *might* have.

    Anyways, thank you again... as I said, I like to imagine that he does take my words 'with him' or holds onto them, somehow. I always ask god to wrap HIS arms around 'bobo' & do what I cannot, hug, love, comfort, & warm him.

    :) Gonna run my doggies out to potty, & hopefully, if the neighbors are not home, I can at least get his tail 'a'waggin' just for a few.


    ETA- it's 10:42pm, neither neighbor is home, Bobo obviously has not eaten in at least 13-14 hrs- assuming that the woman did feed him, (I *believe* she normally does, (i.e. plate scraps), and had been pretty routine-ish... for THEM, at least, during the week. Who knows. I never know how or why people leave for 2,3 days at a time- the guy has left for 5+ days before. they have separate vehicles, so, I've always figured, even if they'd had a fight, split up, what-have-you... ONE would stay there... why pay the rent?

    Anyhow... Bobo, precious angel from God, rests in the dirt for a while (his dog house is way too small for him- he will cram himself in it, only in theeee most severe of weather.) then he's up HOWLING, like wolves do, calling to the rest of the pack...

    We are putting insulation into the house this weekend, THANK GOD!!! (old house, it seemingly has ZERO insulation in the walls!!) So, that with the replacement windows we've put in, might help me to not have to hear poor Bobo so much, (as I'd previously said, he wakes me anywhere from 5:30am-6:30am, and off & on throughout the days( & nights) thereafter.

    I'm 'lucky' if the poor angel is quiet from 11pm/12am-5:30am

    I can't blame him... I talked at him earlier, then said a long, deep prayer again to God, to 'hug' him, and give him comfort, & the company he desperately wants, and is in need of. He's breaking my heart, with his howls. I also prayed that god change his owner's heart(s). That they change, or find him a GOOD, loving home. I've more faith in the prayers that God hug, love, comfort, & warm "Bobo", though.

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  17. soulight

    soulight New Member

    I love God's creatures so much and it just isn't right that Bobo has to suffer. Thank God that you are there for him . I wish the owners had to suffer through all the things that poor dog does so that they can truly feel what he feels.

    Keep praying and talking to him . I keep you , your family , Bobo , and yes , even that lady and her boyfriend in my prayers. Who Knows? Maybe they suffer from something so hurtful that they take it out on others. The people who are the hardest to love are the one's who need it the most.

    In His Grace and Love,
  18. jole

    jole Member

    It's been awhile since we've heard from you and I was wondering how things were going with you and your poor neighbor dog? My prayer is that everything is resolved and that you've found a way to get him out of the situation he's in through animal control. He so deserves someone to stand up for him and get him out of those people's lives.

    Please let us hear from you and I pray this has happened....or they've moved on without him! That would certainly be a better answer! But anyway, it's Sunday, and I'm sending up a prayer that things have resolved and both he and you feel safe and secure.

    Praying for a love, peace and comfort for you both!..............Jole
  19. quanked

    quanked Member

    thank you so much for calling animal control. It was the right thing to do. This dog is unable to care for himself and apparently has to rely on these neighbors who are cruel to him and seem to have little mercy. Bobo (isn't that his name?) has the good fortune of having you as his neighbor.

    Such a sad situation for the dog and the backlash on you sounds tough too. Have you thought of calling the Humane Society or the ASPCA on the national level? This dog needs to be rescued. I care for all animals but I especially care deeply for dogs. I am very worried about Bobo. He is not able to call for help so he needs to rely on the kindness of caring people like yourself.

    Anyway you can update us on Bobo?



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