Terrified of removing ticks from my dog

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by kellyann, Apr 28, 2008.

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    My yard dogs had some ticks in their ears. I am absolutely terrified of trying to remove them. My daughter had to do it. I made sure she used tweezers and didn't touch the ticks. We sprayed the dogs real good with a tick and flea spray too. If my daughter didn't remove them I don't know what I'd do about the ticks, maybe spray the dogs and hope the ticks die off?

    Should I go ahead and give the dogs ABX just because they had ticks on them? Maybe a 2 week round of penicillin which I can get at the feed store. I can't really aford a vet bill right now, my meds cost a fortune.

    I just can't stand to be around ticks, I check for them every time I go outside. I live in a rural area, woods all around us.

    Anyone else get really creeped out by ticks? I hate that counrty song about "wanting to check you for ticks" and the guy even goes out and has ticks crawling on his arm. Pretty stupid if you ask me. I think the guy's name is Brad Paisely or something like that, I forget so easy. I hope he doesn't get lyme disease! I felt like writing him a letter to tell him how stupid he was for having ticks crawling on his arm. Ticks are nothing to play with. It certainly wasn't cute. All the money he makes ain't worth contracting lyme disease.

    Your lymie friend,
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    By all means...get the penicillin shots for your dogs.

    We lost a little doxie some years back because of a tick. I did not find the tick in her tail until it was full grown. The size of a watermelon seed. I removed it with tweezers. I did touch it while getting rid of it.

    Anyway, within a couple of months she got a terrible, raging rash all over her body. Took her to the vet and he said it WAS NOT from the tick. She died a few months later. This is not to scare you...just take precautions. I wished I would have got the shots for our little sweetie. She died too young!

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    I just found 2 ticks on my couch today that must have fallen off the dog, I have a huge female great dane dog. I also have a bunch of little yorkie dogs. Of course I don't let the yorkies out too much being they are house dogs. But I guess they could pick up ticks just going out in their little yard if I don't get busy and spray it down good.Yucky, I just hate ticks so bad. They have just about ruined my life is all!

    Kath, so sorry about your little dog. Our animals mean so much to us. I'll bet that the tick did have a lot to do with your dog dying though.


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    we have 4 dogs... even if they're just hitching a ride somewhere on them, it's doubtful we'll see all of them necessarily, sadly. About the only thing to do is to keep them on tick/flea poison... I'm not happy about using sprays, seems like it's impossible to not breath it in for one thing.

    As it is, just walking into the yard it's likely to get ticks of all kinds. My daughter got a tick from just walking back and forth to the car under our big oaks and ended up with Rocky Mtn Fever (this was before we had any dogs inside, so I know she had to get them in our immediate yard).

    Scary, but a fact of life, just like mosquito bites :(


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    I was just lying in bed last night and found a tick crawling across my arm! It must have come off one of my dogs....how very gross! It scared me half to death! I totally flip out when I find a tick on myself! I don't think it bit me, thank goodness!
  6. hi all,

    my dog is happily eating two teaspoon fulls of pumpkin seeds,once a day.

    then he gets his omega three dog treat,and a small drink of green topped milk.

    i know he,s bitten daily with bugs,ive seen many bites on him.

    so ive made a net curtain to hang at my back door.so my dog can enjoy looking out doors,but not get bitten with bugs.

    he has a simular thing to fibro,in his back legs,but seems better able to walk now.

    im looking at aiding his immune system to better fight off the effects of the bug bites,and he seems playful just now.

    seemed to squint his eyes like he had head pain,but isnt doing it now he,s on pumpkin seeds.

    i tried him on cran juice,but he doesnt like it.

    his poo is normal.

    kind regards