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    your baby is so cute! ill have to have my son show me how to post a picture of my baby , i got her at 10 wks and she will be a year old may 28 07 thought/ was told she was chihuahua/toy fox terr. and should only get to be 7 lbs. OK-not! the vet tells us plus she looks like minpin/and maybe also chihuahua , shes not fat all muscle and last time was 13 lbs shes so cute-blk/mostly,tan on face, white & tan on her legs-white tummy,tail curls onleft side of her back. under side thats up is white. we call her ISABELLA-BEANS, also have a 14 year old white w/blk tail longhair cat , his name is casper but we call him boobers , so its beans & boobers they chase each other around & around in the house. they are both about the same size. but the cat is the boss of coure! nice talkin at ya! BLKKAT
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    Beans and Boobers...that's soooo funny!!!! Sounds like names I'd give!

    Please get the pic up and then post a message that you've got it up so we can all look at it. It's not difficult at all to do.

    I also have a silver tabby persian cat (who is definitely the boss of the entire household!), and a 4-pound Yorkshire Terrier (who is mildly handicapped). It's crazy around here! We just bought a wireless invisible fence for the corgi. Gonna set it up when my 16-year-old daughter gets home. Can't wait!!!

    If it weren't for my Satchimo, I don't know what I'd do. He gives me a purpose...he gives me attention any time I want it...he makes me feel needed...you know...


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