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    Hey you. I am sorry for not writing sooner but I have been so busy and I was very very sick for 7 day's. I did not get out of bed for anything. All I had was the flu but the body achs were unbearable. So how have you been? I am doing a bit better. I feel like I am gonna ralpf every day but I am sure that is do to being prego.
    You had asked me if I ever got bladder infections. No I do not. I did about 8 years ago and one that even got my Kidney's in a heap pf trouble but that was the last time. I have been very lucky their. I get the constipation though and that is enough.
    So how are all the little ones doing? Do you still go on ebay? I am always on that damn site. One day I will go broke if I do not watch myself.
    We want to come to Canada for vaction but my sister said that with the pending war and by the time we come out their she does not think they will let us in. Espically if we are at war. I hope this is untrue as we have planned this for some time.
    well I have to get my daughter some choco. milk. I will be back in a few.
    oh yeh I picked Delaney Adel for a girl and Kerrigan David for a boy.
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    Nice to hear from you again. Glad to know that you are feeling better. I am so happy to hear that you are pregnant. Was it planned? I would love to have another one, but my health has gone so downhill and it scares me to try again. I saw a stomach specialist on Monday. He was such a jerk(smart ass doctor). He wants me to try a pill for acid in the stomach and I go back in a month to let him know how it worked. If there is no improvement, they are going to do an edoscopy(this is where they put a tube with a camera on the end of it down into the stomach). My rib pain has been so bad. I have not had one day of no pain in a long time. Shannon, it hurts so bad that I don't know if I can go on. It's tough because no one understands. My husband offers support, but he just doesn't understand. The gnawing pain is destroying me. My lower left and right ribs are the worst. My upper ribs(chest area) are hurting alittle. Are you still having the rib pains or do you feel better now that you're pregnant again? Ebay is my best friend.lol. I love the deals. I am waiting for about 4 items right now and last week I recieved a Versace top that I bought for my brothers girlfriends birthday. I cannot believe the prices. So how is your pregnancy going? How far along are you? I hope the kids and hubby are well and I'll check back in awhile. Love, Tes
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    Hi there. Noticed you responded to my rib pain question. Write back so we can chat. Love, Tes
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    Just thought I'd bump up our thread. Talk to you soon. Tes