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    I just posted a long message of this topic: "Lyme Disease and what we found out about it" in the "What worked for section" --- posted 11-26-07

    We run an energy healing school -- The Reiki Ranch, in Washington state. Because my husband, Roi was so sick with some kind of infectious disease (We later found out it was Lyme Disease) we developed an energetic way to test for the degree of Lyme disease a person has.

    We can do this remotely.

    Roi tested 80% Lyme disease. That means that the spirochetes were 80/100 strong in his body. That is a serious infestation!

    After treatment with a natural mineral his infestation was down to 3% (3/100) which is almost nothing... and mine is down from 40% to 1% and I feel great.

    This testing can be done over the phone or through email.
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    I'm sure you are trying to help us here but I wanted to let you know that putting phone numbers and email addresses in profiles is not allowed.

    You may be notified by the monitors of the board to remove them.
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    I just wanted to help...
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    mollystwin is right, this post could be construed as an ad.

    I've read about MMS that you mentioned elsewhere; have read about it previously, but it gets mixed reviews, like most everything.

    You sound well-meaning and I don't doubt your testimonial...

    however, honestly, most of us have had so many problems that anytime "a miracle" or any treatment that even hints at it is talked about, most of us get our hackles up...

    Truly, unfortunately there does not seem to be a 'miracle cure' for Lyme that would put even put it into remission for 100% of pts.
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    Dear Victoria and mollystwin...

    Thank you for your comments. You said: "I've read about MMS that you mentioned elsewhere; have read about it previously, but it gets mixed reviews, like most everything."

    I'm sure it isn't for everyone and I'd feel real bad if someone tried it and didn't get results -- but at lease it kills worms and bacteria. We all have some of those.

    I would not play around with my husband's health using some "miracle mineral cure" -- if I thought it would hurt him more than Lyme disease has already. He was just so sick for several years -- we didn't know what to do. So, we read and studied alternative health because the traditional method wasn't giving relief.

    He was in great pain and depression and acted like an old man (well, he is 78), but now he's coming back into the body (like his life force is returning), he feels good again, can close his fingers on the handle bars, his hands are warm -- not cold. He used to wear several sweaters because he was so cold all the time. He doesn't now.

    I thought he was dying. Some mornings I would carefully reach over and feel his body to see if it was still warm. I was pretty scared because of the signs, if you know what I mean?

    I'm very happy with the results and its only been a few weeks. I'd be more that happy to share. We went dirt bike riding in the hills behind our property for 3 hours last week. Of course, energy healing does help the body bounce back quicker than usual.

    Thanks for your concern. I like to help others, but I don't want to upset the system. I have to learn the rules. I might be too far out of the box. Blessings...
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    Maybe i don't speak for all of us, but when we have suffered so deeply and tried so many approaches and educated ourselves as well as possible, it is just hard to believe even well-meaning miracle makers.

    Especially when they just seem to come out of nowhere with no previous posts.

    I hope, tvance, that i have not hurt your feelings -- I hope that your intentions are good. And if your husband was as sick as you say, my heart truly goes out to you both.

    On the other hand, we are all very sick on this board...and wary of being taken advantage of.
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    as Molly and Dar said above. Many will try other possibilities along with their current protocols. I don't think you're too 'out of the box' necessarily at all, lots of different things have been discussed here; but what is 'out of the box'-scary is if you promote yourself as you did initially.

    Here's one idea you might be interested in - especially since your husband (and others?) are doing better after what you're talking about:

    what about writing an article for ProHealth to be included in their Library? If you click the 'library' link up above, you'll see that for CFIDS/Fibro (which is the main reason for this site overall) that Lyme etc is talked about a lot/ and then you're able to give your links etc. as well as your personal story. There are some very interesting personal stories especially in conjunction with Lyme.

    I never say never either... any time I ever have, I've usually regretted it when it comes to this stuff!

    all the best,

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    MMS Miracle Mineral Solution is sodium chlorite (a form of chlorine). They want you to add citric acid to it to turn it to chloride doxide - another form of chlorine and exactly what is used as the chemical in swimming pools.

    Chloride dioxide is one the most dangerous of all chemicals. It causes cancer, birth defects, infertility, damages kidneys, liver, the nervous system and is rated among the worst chemicals for damaging the eco-system.

    See www.inoneminutecure.com/mms.htm

    for more details.

    The Multi Level Marketing company that picked up this old wackos book - he claims that because chlorine kills germs therefore if you drink it in concentrated form it will kill disease - put their army of affiliate sellers who get a big commission writing fake testimonials, posting fake studies, swearing WILL cure everything from cancer to snoring - in hundreds and hundreds of websites - including paid advertising.

    This product, Miracle Mineral Supplement pushed by MLM companies is no different than in the 1920s when those same type people and companies were taking out magazine ads literally selling radioactive water as the cure to all diseases - claiming radiation kills germs and virus so therefore radiation will cure everything including cancer - just like the affiliate advertisers and that old wacko claim that drinking cancer and health destructive chlorine will cure all diseases.

    Most scams don't hurt you. They just take your money. This one can (and will) destroy your health and ultimately kill you.