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    what kind of test do they fo for RA. I have FM but have a family history of RA. I also have DDD and protruding disk in my neck from a vehicle accident. I have been trying to get SSD but have been turned down twice. My aunt has RA and was approved her first try but she is also over 50 and I am 45, I think age sometimes has alot to do with it since they dont want to have to pay you for long.

    I also have another question that I have posted a couple of times but it seems to disappear..I have severe pain in my hips and legs...Does anyone have any suggestions for the pain? I take lorcet and durgessic patches...
    God Bless you all and thanks for your help...

    Thank God for this board it has really been a comfort to me to know that I am not alone....
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    Trish...I found the following info on Mayo site about RA:
    Your doctor will likely conduct a physical examination and order laboratory tests to determine if you have RA. A blood test that measures your erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR, or "sed" rate) can indicate the presence of an inflammatory process in your body. People with rheumatoid arthritis tend to have elevated ESRs. The ESRs in those with osteoarthritis tend to be normal.
    Another blood test looks for an antibody called rheumatoid factor. Four out of five people with rheumatoid arthritis eventually have this abnormal antibody, although it may be absent early on in the disease. It’s also possible to have the rheumatoid factor in your blood and not have rheumatoid arthritis.

    Is the pain in legs worse at nighttime? If so, it could be restless leg syndrome. I have it and the pain was first symptom that drove me nuts but finally after years of suffering got dx and now on Mirapex which is a Godsend. However, if you do have RA it could be from that and doc will prescribe something for it.

    Good luck with your dx and your SSD!

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    The pain is mostly in my left leg and its numb feeling...I have terrible pain in both my hips...but yes night-time is the worst I cant seem to get comfort lying on either side. however, I only sleep 1 to 2 hrs at a time and have to get up because of the pain. Have u got any suggestions for the hip pain, and muscle spasms in the back of my legs???