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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by biddys2007, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Hi Everyone: Thxs for all of your concerns. Yes I took the pill,went back in the afternoon and then next a.m. Now I have to wait until I hear from the dr.,think I will call tomorrow since they told me they should have results by then,not a good waiter. How is everyone doing? Hope good. I still feel tired and of course the old bones are hurting but at least not so worried. Have some good recipes piling up here on my desk so if I get my work done tomorrow,yeah right,I'll start to send some of them. The weather has been chilly here,put the fireplace on a couple of a.m.'s and the leaves are changing,not real pretty here this year. Go for tonight. Thxs again everyone and remember you are all in my prayers and thoughts. Biddy
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    Glad your tests are done with!! and now the wonderful waiting game! hate that! ,,,,,I just ran out of candy for the little trixters so had to take down the deco's and shut the lights off,,,,,,,Wow what cute costumes they have come out with now day!

    Especialy for the Babies! Skunks,,,Hedgehogs,,,pigs,,,all sorts of neat ones!,,,,,,,,,I've had my Heat turned on for almost 2 weeks now,,,,But i'm in MT! teens and 20's in the am's and 50's during the day,,,,,,,,,let us know about the test results!,,,,,,,,,Sis