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    I got me test results back from my new doctor who practices integrative medicine. I tested positive for mycoplama, so I started antibiotics for 6 weeks, and maybe for up to 6 months. He said my number was really high. I got my food allergy test back and it showed up lots. The IgE food test didn't show any, but the IgG showed I was very reactive to dairy products, soy, and some fruits. I have never had allergies, so this was surprising. I am elliminating them for 3 months, then adding them in, one at a time. My DHEA levels for low, that of a 50 year old, and I am 29, so I am starting on DHEA replacements for two months. DHEA is a what helps your body produce hormones. Just wanted to give you all an update. All the supplements seem to have given me more energy, but this sick skin feeling is horrible! Have a blessed day!
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    Bumping in case this could be of benefit to anyone.....
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    The protocol for ABX treatment for mycoplasmas is now six straight months on the ABX as no one recovers before that time. Used to be six weeks and then cycle off for two but not anymore. As this treatment gains in popularity, they are learning more all the time.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks. I have read that too. I will discuss it with my doc.