Test Results for Cancer or Endo - Terrifying experience!

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    Hi you all....Sorry I have not written you to share with you my experience with the specialist and the results of the tests taken last week to determine cancer or endometriosis.

    As you all remember, I had to be at the doctors office at 9:00 am to take medications to prepare me for the test. I arrived at 9:00 for a 10:00 appt. and the doctor was not even in yet and the nurse had to get his signature for the release of medication. So there I sat until 10:00 and then was walked into a room. I figured that I would need at least a half hour for the meds to start kick'n in, but there I sat for at least another hour without any meds. The nurse came in and told me that the delay was due to an emergency that the doctor had in the morning so he was running behind. Understandable...so I thought.

    Finally, 11:00 came around and the nurse came in with a cup of water and a gigantic Motrin pill and a small white pill, which right now I cannot remember what she told me it was. So after sitting in the room for over an hour, I asked her if she could move me into another room so I could at least lay down because my back, amongst other body pain, was getting bad just from sitting. The nurse informed me that she would move me into another room until it was my turn for the biopsy....and to give the meds time to react.

    I'm not sure what the heck they gave me, but it made me feel, excuse the word, "stupid." I could not for the life of me understnd what the heck was going on! Soon 12:00 rolled around and it was my turn for the so called, "out patient surgery."

    I was taken into a room that looked like a small operating room. There, I was asked to undress and lay on this bed. Soon the doctor came in and told me that the procedure would only take about 15 minutes to perform. I again reminded him that I was already in pain, and that I did not think that the meds that he gave me were working. He told me that he would be very careful and take that into consideration.

    Well, he first started by telling me that he would kill two birds with one stone...meaning that he would also give me a pap smear examine. Then the worst happened soon after.

    He informed me that he would be inserting a small camera to take a look at my uterus. I was so afraid and yet my speech was slurring and I began to sweat. As he inserted this camera, he told me that my cervix was shut and that I would feel a menstrual cramp as he forced this camera into my cervix. I thought that I was going to die! I cried out loud to the doctor in pain as he pushed through to my cervix and he told me just one more minute. I thought the end was near for me and then he informed me that he could see small pulips and that he needed to take a sample. OH MY DEAR GOD, I thought to myself. I knew that this was going to be the worst.

    As he prodded with his camera, he again told me that I would feel a more painful menstrual cramp. As he took the sample from me, I thought that having Fibro pain was bad, but this was the worst. He told me to hang on tight and took the sample. I screamed at the excruciating pain that I felt and cried at the same time. The doctor then told me that it was over and that he would be taking out the instruments. Even that hurt like he**. He made a comment to me that I was really prone or intolerate to pain and because I was under the influence I told the doctor, "If you had to have one of your testicles cut without numbing it first, I'm sure you'd be screaming and crying in pain!" Of course, I was talking slurr to him as though I was in a drunk'n state of mind.

    His diagnosis: The doctor showed me some pictures of the inside of uterus and told me that I would not have any more menstrual cycles because there was no more blood lining visible. I of course did not understand a word the doctor said at that time due to the meds. He did say however, that the biopsy would be sent to the lab and he would get back to me with the results.

    On the otherhand, he recommended that I have my uterus "cauterized" I think that was the word he used....so I would not have any problems in the future. He told me that it would not affect my hormones, sexual impulses, which have been zero to nulch lately, and that I would never have to worry about discharge or pain again. I under the influence thought it was a great idea! However, I asked him about the Endo? He told me that while performing the "cauterization" that he would be able to tell if I had Endo or not. Again, not knowing what he was saying to me I agreed to it.

    Soon after they took me to the room I was in prior to having the procedure done to rest. I could not even walk from the meds. I laid there thinking that this could not be happening to me. I cried like a baby in my own state of mind thinking, "Why is this happening to me?" "What have I done to deserve all this?" "Why do all the tests keep coming back normal, but yet,I have all these complications?" I had never felt so lonely before...no one there to hold my hand and tell me that it was alright and that things will get better.

    Soon 1:30 came around and I needed to get out of there. I was feeling clostophic from being in that room. The nurse came in to check my blood pressure and I told her that I needed to get out! She called the doctor and he gave his okay.

    As I headed towards my car, the emotions just got stronger and I realized that I was still in a state of feeling dizzy. So I just sat in my car and prepared myself for the trip home.

    When I got home I was feeling so sick.....and until today, the meds, have finally gotten out of my system.

    But I've been thinking about the "cauterization" procedure and I've really been having second thoughts. My whole purpose was to find out if I had cancer or Endo and if that was the cause for the heaving bleeding. If the test come back normal then I think that I will not fool with Mother Nature, but let nature take its course. If it's not broken, why fix it!

    Thank you for listening and as soon as I find out the results from my biopsy, I'll let you all know.

    Lots of love to all,

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    Oh my gosh..what an experience you had! I am hopeful all the tests will come back good. He surely would have said if he had had any concerns.

    I am so curious as to why he did not just go ahead and look around for the endo..I mean as long as he was in there and you were wanting to specifically find that out. I do not understand docs. Number one..they do not listen to the owner/operators of the bodies they are working on. I guess you would know better than he or the nurse if you were in pain!?!

    I am so sorry that things went like they did. I do hope all turns out well..and I would really do some serious thinking on any procedures this guy does on ya. I am all for Mother Nature taking care of things if possible.

    Rest up and thanks for the articles you have been posting this morning..very interesting!
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    Dear Cookie, I am so sorry you had such an awful experience. I think a lot of times doctors don't take into consideration that some meds don't always work for us. I can not believe they allowed you to drive after any kind of sedation! That is very dangerous and not too reponsible on their part! I hope everything comes back as OK. I had a total hyst when I was 37 for heavy bleeding, migraines, fibroids, etc and even with all the HRT bad news I still think it's the best thing I could have done. Take care!

    PS: I appreciate all your research articles you post!
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    for letting us know you're alright. We were wondering how everything went. I am so sorry you had to go through that alone... Hopefully the results will come back ok.

    Let us know...

    Love, Debbie
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    Well! thank god thats over huh?! I had the same procedure dome 2 times so far~it does hurt when they snip the piece off for biopsy!! and the cramping to open the cervix is'nt so nice either.I had mine to check for cervical cancer and poss. uterine. That came back fine.I did have apolyp removed.Then a couple yrs later to DX Endo.
    I've had endo now since 97~ Best of luck...and rest alot the first couple days!! That stuff they drug ya with seems to linger in us FM/CF people!! I felt like crap for a couple days and spotted longer~ take care
    :) Hugs,
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    First let me say that I am also a cookie monster!! Anything home made baked up fresh.... biggest weakness.

    I am horrified to hear about the pain you experienced. I recently went through a similar experience with having dysplasia and had to have a LEEP where they cut off your cervix. They had to do extra cut afterwards and one I felt particularly bad (thought it was going to go down hill from there but they were done). I can surely believe that the area there is senstive by the pain that caused. I do believe that maybe we need more meds and are ultra sensitive to pain because I also had a cyst taken from my vaginal area and had to have many stitches as they cut into a blood vessel. The last 4 stitches or so... wow I was crying out like I was delivering a child. I kept telling the doc, meds must not be in that area because I FEEL IT!! He kept saying I put lots there it should be OK. What do we do in those situations? I am not sure, I mean we expressed ourselves and our pain and what else could we do stop the procedure? I have thought about this since it happened and I still don't know what I can do differently except discuss what happened with the next doctor I have a procedure with. I do now have an incredible tolerance of everyday pain - but then again the FM does that by itself! I have thought about writing a letter to the doctor and expressing my disbelief about their non-reactions to pain, but of course this is on my "TO DO" list. Hope your results are good !! I know how stressful it is waiting for biopsies like this.
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    I had a biopsy done back in '96, Hubby (dating then) heard me scream in the waiting room (bet that was great for business...LOL). I was told the same thing...menstrual cramp H*$$! My Dr.'s response was "oh it can't hurt that much"...my reply went something like..."let me take a paper punch to your b*$$s and we'll see how much it hurts!"

    They numb your tooth before they fill it...I can't for the life of me understand why they can't numb you before these type of procedures...or maybe they can, I don't know, and most just don't want too.

    Had two surgeries for dysplasia after that, I made then put me under for both. Oh and one thing...always get a second opinion!!

    Take care!