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  1. scarflady

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    Blood tests were done 8/31 and no call from my doctor...I did pick up copies of the results and can give you the results. Perhaps someone here knows how to read these...
    Result Flag Reference
    Thyroid 1.94 H 0.0-o.9
    ACTH 21 N 6-58 pg/ml
    Free T3 2.2 L 2.4-4.2 pg/ml
    Cortisol 24.1 H 6.2-19.4 ug/dl
    Creatinine 0.6 L 0.7-1.5 mg/dL
    BUN/Creat Ratio 28.0 H 12.0-20.0

    Thanks for any help you can give me!
  2. BabiCati

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    This web site will tell you more about the blood tests and what the MIGHT mean. I would go back to the doctor and ask him/ her to explain it more clearly. Just because something is high or low doesn't mean something is necessarily wrong.

    It happened to me and it was just a false positive.

    Hope this helps,

  3. joncyn1990

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    Hey Lourdes,

    Thanks for the link - this is a great resource for lab test info!!

    This board and all of you on it are just awesome!!!!! :D

  4. scarflady

    scarflady New Member

    MCD ...
    Thanks for your quick response.....
    My new Endo doctor finally called and has increased my thyroid to 137mcg. She also said the Cortisol level was probably caused by stress of not getting enough thyroid medication.

    My Internist kept reducing my thyroid med from 175 to 112d and the Endo said the low dose probably added stress which probably raised my Cortisol levels...

    I have been on an a downhill energy slide over a year since the 175 was reduced to 112. Will have to wait 2 months to see results of this increase.

    Thanks again to everyone who responded.

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