Test Results - Normal or Abnormal?

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    I just got a bunch of test results back today and am completely confused.

    TSH test result was 1.21. Is this normal - I have a family history of hypothyroidism. (I read some past post about thyroid but it's too advanced for me)

    Abnormal urinalysis results
    High level of Albunim
    Small level of Bilirubin
    Large for Blood (FYI - cycle was about to start)
    RBC was 100-150

    If anyone has someinsight into these results please let me know. My doctor's office gave me the numbers but no explanation.


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  2. NutsInAlabama

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    I dunno but maybe someone can see it
    Deb :)
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    Hi Amy,
    TSH is a poor indicator of thyroid disease. The thyroid makes two (actually more than that, but we will stick with two for now) hormones, T4 and T3. In an ideal situation (ie: no thyroid disease) about 5 to 7% of the T4 converts into T3 (the "active" metabolic thyroid hormone, controls depression, mood, activitiy, etc.)

    Lab ranges for TSH have changed, but most doc's could give a hoot. I was HYPO/Hashi's with a TSH of .02 (not a typo). Unfortunately my T4 was at the very bottom of range.

    To give an example, "most" people who do not have thyroid disease have a TSH of .35-1.10 and feel fine. That should give you an idea of where most feel good, also MOST people felt good at a FT4 and FT3 or midway or higher of the lab range.

    The difference between a "total T4 and T3 (TT4, TT3, or just T4, T3 on lab sheet)and a free T4 and T3 (seen as FT4, FT3) is this: T4/T3 shows how much thyroid hormone is running around in your body. FT4, FT3 shows how much thyroid hormone you are actually getting to USE. BIG difference.