test results urgent please

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  1. 3gs

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    just got test results

    LYME 0.91 equivocal

    glom filt rate 6o

    EBV AB VCA IgM 9
    EBV early antigen 192
    EBV AB VCA IgG 278
    EBV nuclear antigen 298

    vit d 9.6 lower than before

    what does this mean? Iam so sick and getting worse. doc does nothing but say no wonder you feel bad! not returning calls about treatment.

    All other tests are on low range. Feel like Im dying.

    Please help!
  2. 3gs

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    the lab is labcorp there local.

    under metabolic panel
    GULOSE 96
    BUN 10
    Creatinine serum 0.71
    Glom Filt rate >60 says it defines CKD

    cdc advises western blot test after postive EIA results.

    asked him to do liver test not kidney. yes on vit d take everyday. he also was supposed to call in prescription vit d.
  3. 3gs

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    ido take omega3s about 2 to 4 thousands mils aday.thats why I was surprised.

    Per your posts Im getting Grapeseed extract and also the olive leaf one.

    kathy the <60 was border low. Going to look for new doc. Have rhemmy appt in Dec.

    I have fibro mecfs and ppp. being bedridden and housebound.

    thanks both for responses. stay well[This Message was Edited on 10/15/2008]
  4. redhummingbird

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    What are the reference ranges for the EBV tests?

    I agree with what kathy622 said regarding the lyme test. The fact that yours says "equivocal" is worth pursuing especially in light of the fact that your are getting worse.
  5. spacee

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    I aagree with Jamin...definitely got to get the Vit D's up. I just went through this. Mine were 9 or 12. I started taking the 1,000 twice a day and it brought it up to 35. Now I am taking the 5,000 daily until I get it to 70. I am being retested every three months until stable.

    You might want to try a transfer factor sold here at Prohealth for EBV. I have been taking Transfer Factors for about 4 years except for a break while on another protocol. They help me a lot. I can exercise now.

    I am addressing adrenal fatigue and thyroid so I am having more fatigue than I used to. I think I did that to myself by pushing and drinking caffiene to keep going. I am purposely resting a lot but I still do the exercise but not as strenuous.

    Call the Prohealth number and talk to a customer service rep to find out the EBV one. 1 800 366 6056. They don't like to publish it any longer.

    I am not as good as I would like to be...but I no longer have that dying feeling.

  6. ladybugmandy

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    One....get the Igenex Lyme Panel.

    Second....post your EBV normal ranges so we can see how high your values are.

    Long term viral infections CAN cause vitamin D depletion I think.

  7. 3gs

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    thanks everyone was offline got to sick to sit.
    ranges are 0 to 99 im way over
    ebv acute infection antibodies
    early antigen 192 H should not be over 120
    ebv ab vca igg 2728 H also 120 is highest
    ebv nuclear antigen 298 H 120 is highest reading on test they circled chronic

    Went on Lyme board I had every symptom! Then I remembered my daughter told me to ask doc for longer dose on last sinus issue because she noticed I seemed to be doing better when on antiboitics!
    Im sorry we were talking about lyme. brainfog is bad.

    Lyme IgG/IgM Ab <0.91 index 0.00-0.09
    negative <0.91
    equivocal 0.91-1.09
    pwestern ostivie >1.09
    below that lab says to get western blot test done.

    Iam getting desperate. Im a strong person put I cant take much more of this.

    thank you all for your help. hope i didnt wait to long to respond.

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  8. redhummingbird

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    Hang in there!

    There is treatment. It looks like you have reactivated EBV so that is also something to follow up on with your doctor along with getting tested for lyme through IgeneX.

    It's scary to feel so bad-

    If your doctor won't do anything I'd recommend getting another doctor.

    There are medications for these things...