Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by FibroJudy36, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. FibroJudy36

    FibroJudy36 New Member

    First, I want to thank the Lord for guiding me to the Worship Board, I truly think that there are some very caring and understanding people here.
    I recently rededicated my life to the Lord in September, I want to thank the Lord for everything that he has done for me and my family.
    I was in such a rut before I rededicated my life to the Lord. I use to walk away when I came upon anyone talking about the Lord, But now when I hear someone talking about the Lord and Praising his Holy Name I get so happy that I just can't hardly stand it. Now that he has filled my heart with the Holy Ghost, I just want to Praise his Holy Name. I want to thank the Lord for my salvation,his love and for his guidance.
    Blessings to all............Judy

  2. britt

    britt New Member

    It makes me so full of Joy when I hear someone has come back to the Lord.....praise God....I'm new to the board here and I agree with you that there are alot or wonderful and caring people here and I also praise the Lord for the people the Lord has sent here....May the Lord stay near to you eveery step you take...your in my prayers.....Praise Jesus
  3. danny3861

    danny3861 New Member

    Hello Judy,

    We all are so happy to have you here at the worship board.
    The chain is getting longer and longer. Prayer is such a powerful tool in Gofs kingdom and we all pray alot for each other here. I formally welcome you. In Jesus name, amem.

  4. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    What a wonderful testimony! You sound a little like me! I just rededicated my life to the Lord in August and it has been the absolute best thing that could have happened! I was somewhat like you too, I used to run and hide, so to speak, when I heard or just knew that someone was going to talk about the Lord, but now praise the Lord, I can't seem to hear enough about Him! I spend a lot of my time reading the Bible now, and that is just something that I never dreamed I would be doing, when I am not reading His Word, I am thinking about it and meditating on it and biding my time just so I can get back to it. It is great to have you here with us and I am thankful that you found us too!

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