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    How do i get tested for this do i just ak my doc?? If he knew about htis would he have already tested for ????
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    You can find all the info you need. Also, I believe the Great Smokies Labs do the tests for mycoplasmas. They have a website too.

    The only reliable test for chronic mycoplasma infection is PCR DNA and even then, there are false negative results. The blood must be very carefully handled.

    You can print out the info for your doc. The tests can be expensive and if the results are negative, you may want to have them rerun. Some people have had them rerun after taking Heparin. Heparin breaks up the fibrin overgrowth in the blood where pathogens can hide out from the immune system.

    To find out more about hypercoagulation and Heparin, go to the HEMEX Lab website. There is a lot of good info there.

    Love, Mikie
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    Immunoscience labs in Beverly hill, ca.