Testing for toxic mold

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by brneyedgrl, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. brneyedgrl

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    Can someone tell me if the health department tests for

    toxic mold? My dad has been hospitalized for breathing

    breathing problems, pancreaitis, GI problems and the

    doctor thinks this is due to the mold in his house.

    He was discharged today and was told he was not to

    return to his house. I know this is pretty wicked stuff

    because I have dealt with this before. He is just

    not wanting to leave his home and is in no shape to be able

    to clean this up himself. He lives in a basement home.



    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I dont know a whole lot about this but what I do know is...

    Mold can be very Dangerous and cause alot of health problems...

    Call your Local Health Department...I am almost Postive they can bring someone in to test for Mold...

    If there is Mold, there are Trained Speacialist(companys) who can come in and clean up the Mold... I just hope it's not deep into the walls and Floor.

    Basements tend to be One of the biggest problem areas in a Home with Mold.....

    Please have it checked out and I do hope your dad will feel better. Best Wishes...Im sure someone will come along to give you more info...

  3. PVLady

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    If your dad is just renting then perhaps he should not go back, just rent another place, never a basement location.

    If he is that sick there is no choice, he must get away from the mold.

    There are companies that will come in and test for mold. I had it done recently at my house. I thought I smelled mold. Surprisingly, there was no mold.

    I believe it is very common for basement apartments to be moldy - so much dampness.

    Is it possible for you, or someone in the family to help him move? If not, perhaps the doctor can help with "social services" to get him moved to a safe place.

  4. neen85

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    I have fungus showing in my live blood study (see CFS shocker #8)and my dehumidifier brike down in the middle of winter.

    There is no central heat,so the windows build up moisture. I have been curious also about the testing. Daneen