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  1. elliespad

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    Just curious, would anyone who has had their RNase levels tested and knows their results, be willing to share them? I have read that "Observation of an elevated 37/80 kDa RNase L ratio is a quantitative measure that correlates well with the severity of CFS symptoms and with low natural killer (NK) cell function." Why doesn't the FDA or CDC or whomever that governing body would be, make this a diagnostic marker for CFIDS? It seems that depressed levels are indicated in HIV-1 and elevated levels are indicated in CFIDS. Is this test reliable across the board? Would anybody who knows their levels be willing to state your results?

    Mine were 20. Range 1-10. for RNase

    8.7 Range 20-50 for NK Cells[This Message was Edited on 01/10/2006]
  2. meowchowchow

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    Mine were 15. High. Low NK cells too.


    LISALOO New Member

    Mine was 15.

    Nk was 5.1

    From what I've read, only 40% of people with CFS have an elevated RNase L ratio, therefore, it wouldn't be good enough for a marker
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    I don't think I was ever checked for it and I had tons of bloodwork. My NK cells are low but even healthy people can have a low level so that does not mean much in my opinion but I am taking something to bring it up sicne I catch everything.
  5. hopeful4

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    My RNase level was 21, range 1 - 10.

    Correlate that with NK cells, mine were 5.6, range 20 - 50.

    The RNase lab test has an explanatory paragraph which says in part:

    "Recently, we reported this down regulation of RNase L inhibitor (RLI) in patients with CFS as compared to healthy controls." (Mordechai et al., Differential expression of RNase L Inhibitor in CFS individuals. J. Interferon and Cytokine Res. 1997)

    My understanding is that when RNase is high, it indicates that the body is fighting an infection or virus.

    In looking at my clinical picture, including these two test results, my Dr. had me re-tested for Lyme Disease (using the much talked about Igenex Western Blot), which came up positive. Very low NK cells can be indicative of Lyme. Obviously, the RNase shows that I'm fighting an infection as well.

    According to Dr. Burrascano, in "Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease":

    "Chronic LB (Lyme Borreliosis) infections are known to suppress the immune system and can decrease the quantity of the CD-57 subset of the natural killer (NK) cells.

    As in HIV infection, where abnormally low T-cell counts are routinely used as a marker of how active that infection is, in LB we can use the degree of decrease of the CD-57 count to indicate how active the Lyme infection is and whether, after treatment ends, a relapse is likely to occur.

    It can even be used as a simple, inexpensive screening test, because at this point we believe that only Borrelia will depress the CD-57. Thus, a sick patient with a high CD-57 is probably ill with something other than Lyme, such as a co-infection."

    I know I kind of went off on a tangent here, but I think this concept is closely related to what you are suggesting could be a marker for CFS.

    Yes, the FFC tests for this, that's where I had it done.

    Take care,

  6. Mikie

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    Article on the three phases of CFIDS which I posted. He discusses this in the article.

    Love, Mikie
  7. BethW

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    Hi Elliespad-Glad to share with you. Curious also.

    My RNase-L Pathway Activity- 40.00H Range 1.0-10.0

    My NK Cell was 22.0 Range 20.0-50.0

    Dr. Suldolnick discovered the RNase-L abnormality and they use that as one of the measures to qualify pwc's for getting in the Ampligen studies. I wasn't in those studies so don't remember what no they use. I wonder why they don't use it for a marker myself. The CFS specialists usually test for it and it seems everyone I've seen who sees a specialist has a similar ratio. Perhaps it is not 100% though and they are always looking for a 100% marker. Those particular tests are probably expensive too and I can't imagine any regular doctor testing for them. I'm a CFS & FMS patient, though, with the usual brainfog so maybe there are other reasons I don't remember. It is good to see FFC tests for it. They haven't done my viral testing yet and I haven't been tested for a lot of the viruses/bacteria specialists test for now. My CMV was very high, HHV6 somewhat high and EBV of course. It will be interesting to see just what my body is fighting so hard. They weren't even testing for HHV6 A & B then though. I understand that my viral testing may not come until after the Heparin? BethW
  8. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Reference range for RNaseL Activity is 1.0 to 10.00. Mine was 10.00.

    NK Cell reference range 20 to 50. Mine was 9.0.

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