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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by anchor, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. anchor

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    today i am taking my daughter for the bloodwork to send to Igenex.

    here is my Q - is this what i do?

    go to a lab (any lab) with the igenex test kit/box/packing material/fed ex envelope and the signed form by the neuro dr.

    the lab draws the blood.



    do i have to pay the lab anything?

    do the results get sent to me or the neuro dr?

    does the return address on the fed ex package - is that me, the lab or the neuro?

    thanks for answering asap.

  2. justjanelle

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    we went with the package to our doctor's lab. The lab did the blood draw and processed the vials as required. The office charged us $30 for their work.

    They vials were just handed back to me with the box, Fed Ex stuff etc. and I had to package it up myself and take it to the FedEx place. I used my own address as the return on the FedEx package, because I figured at least I'd know it was returned if it came back to me (and the doctor's office likely wouldn't tell me).

    When the results are sent, they will be sent to the doctor who signed off on the form. In my case, that took about a month. Be sure to ask for a copy of the results when you see the doctor for them. You'll need them if you have questions to ask here or to show a LLMD later if you go.

    Best wishes,
  3. mrdad

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    I went to Igenex and had my blood draw done on premises.
    I would think that the independent lab or Doc doing the
    blood draw could advise you as to means of delivery to
    Palo Alto.

    I believe, at least in California, that it is "illegal" to
    send results to the Patient. My results were therefore sent
    directly to my Doc (CNP) who explained them to me.

    Any questions pertaining to the blood draw can be settled
    with a call to IGENEX: 1(800) 832-3232

    Take care, huggles,

  4. anchor

    anchor Member

    thank you. i took the igenex test kit to a quest lab - they said that per new policy, they were not allowed to do any draws that would be sent out.

    i tried at our local hospital lab and they were more than happy to do it. they packed it up in the box and i prepared the fed-ex bag that igenex sent me, and mailed it off that afternoon.

    the hospital lab will send me a bill for about $8 for the draw. one of the most pleasant experiences we've had, considering.

    and my daughter, the 13 y/o, has a hard time with blood draws, so they gave her a princess band-aid. LOL

    thanks again for the support here. not sure how long it takes for igenex to send results but the neuro doctor will fax me the results asap.

    i posted the results of our quest WB - she was reactive on 2 bands (18, 41) and i could use some other input from this supportive and knowledgable community.

    thanks. lisa

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