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    Testing / epstien bar/ ana sed rate and rheumatoid factor06/26/06 06:01 PM
    Hello, Regarding testing. i just recieved back tests and they read
    Sed rate 28 positive Ana titer Pos 160 epstein bar positive >5 and rheumatoid factor 10 iu/ml
    Doing further testing ahead. What diagnosis can possibly be considered here with symptoms of severe exaustion, unable to work, severe muscle pain all over, poor cognitive skills, trouble sleeping, feet hurt real bad, sweeting at night...drenched sometimes, like bottom of feet are on fire feels like like i was walking on burning coals, concentration poor. Already diagnosed with tmj. is epstein bar lab used to help diagnose cfs?? appreciate anyones opinion and help! Thanks so much Kathleen
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    These are the exact same problems that I have suffered with for 10 years now with the exact same labs going up and down. I am feeling rough tonight. It it very humid and foggy outside and I hurt really bad. I hope you can get some answers. I still haven't been able to.

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    The Rheumatoid factor is normal, below 20 that is. Maybe someone else can answer better, but some people develop CFS from EBV. The pain you experience in your feet (neuropathy?) for ex, and also your trouble sleeping sounds like FM. It can be a multitude of things, will the doctor discuss the results and possible discuss a diagnosis, or reffer you to a Rheumy?

    have you read up on the symptoms of EBV? That could be a start. How long have you felt this way?

    Positive Ana and Sed rate is a sign of inflammation in your system.
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    my sed rate was 58!!!! got it re-tested and it was 18.

    I think yours - 28- is a little elevated- and yes it is a marker of inflamation somewhere in the body. I don't think 28 is that high , but I am not very knowledegable about this. Ask your Dr, and do some research.

    Foot pain might be cuased by heel spurs/ plantar fasciatus Spelling? Maybe see a foot dr.

    Hope you get better!
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    Have you had a good, reliable test done for Lyme disease? Your symptoms sound a lot like Lyme and some of the co-infections that often accompany it ( I used to be diagnosed fibro, then got a lyme dx, and am doing SO well with treatment!!!)

    There are a few labs that have much more sensitive lyme tests than most -- IgeneX in California, Bowen labs -- I can't remember the others. The night sweats and the tender feet, in particular, really make me think lyme and co-infections.

    Good luck!
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