Testing some theorys The hard way (is there any other way?)

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    Symptom testing!

    I orginially thought my nerve pain was caused by the heat of the summer causing my nerves to feel like they literally "burn".

    I've been pushing myself heavily for the past several weeks to do the largest feature for the magazine I have ever done. It's a piece on free Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (Like world of warcraft, only FREE!). It's about 2000 words. I also did a separate project right after that, that is a list of all the mmos! There are about 245 of them (not counting japanese mmos, mobile phone games, or console-only mmos). Needless to say, I pushed myself into a major crash.

    I try to learn from it.

    I learned today that my nerve pain is not "Caused" by the heat like I thought. (Understand that typing right now is a very hardcore activity that is causing me severe agony of my hands from the nerve pain.) I noticed the heat worsened my symptoms. The worsening causes the nerve pain to flare. I know this because right now it's very cold outside, and yet my nerve pain is horrid.

    I also wrote something about spasms I had one time when I crashed really hard. Right now is one of my worst crashes, and I'm tremoring like crazy, I can barely type at all. I wanted to write this post and get this down so I don't forget it, and maybe this will help other people to know aobut.

    I am tremoring so badly, my arms are shaking and neck muscles twitching my head. and my hands are shaking so badly, and I can't stop it.

    I don't get the shakes often, but i know someo f you do. It seems like my shakes happen when my crashes are severe. The important thing I have learned is that they are definitely linked, and it wasn't a random one-time deal. I suspect if I got into this level of illness in an ongoing way (many crashes) I would experience these tremors and nerve pain predictably in congruence.

    I know this is long, but i wanted to explain as much as possible. I don't want to forget what i just learned, and my memory is like a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

    here's to learning, even if it means I'm crashing horribly right now. I have to fly tomorrow too. Don't worry, I can get wheelchair assistance. I think I'll survive, if I can just will my body to sleep (with sleep meds if necessary lol)
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    just bumping this back up for others to see.

    Best wishes,
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    yep, me too
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    My spasms are very uncommon, but lows in my blood sugar are not (my boyfriend will attest to my moodiness). I get lows all the time without the spasms.

    I crashed myself out big time, and I think the spasms are jsut a part of it. My spams are very jerky, which I think is slightly different from shakes oh low blood sugar.