testosterone cream - natural alternatives?

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    Do you know any suppliments etc. that help the body to produce more testosterone? My testosterone test came up low, and I think they may want me to take the hormone. I would rather help my body to make it on its own if possible. Ideas?

    Thank you!! (( )) Shannon
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    I am with you- my testosterone dropped to such a low level that I insisted on a blood test (I reconmend all who take pain medications to get a test done)

    After I did some research I ran across many articles on why men and woman loose testosterone. Well many medications can wipe out much of are hormones.

    Sure enough after I stopped the stronger pain med's and took some replacement hormones I got back on track. DHEA is one source but there are many ways to keep and build your own testosterone.

    I do not have the articles/books any longer but you can find this info on the Internet, what to eat, what to avoid, etc.

    Jackson Gavi
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    Could be helpful in creating testosterone but there is no way to be certain that testosterone is the hormone the above building blocks will eventually become. There are others that it could just as well become ... estrogen, progesterone.

    Bio-id testosterone is the same as your body produces. I do once per week injections ... quick, fairly painless and my muscles are beginning to be able to "go" for longer periods of time before throwing in the towel.

    Testos. cream if coming from a compounding pharmacy would also be bio-id. One thing to keep in mind with us ... It may not be the lack of building blocks to make a hormone, but the action steps taken to create the hormone that we have problems with.

    If that is the case, then adding more building blocks, IE DHEA and pregnenolone will not be very effective in creating testosterone.

    On the other hand, if you have adrenal insufficiency then supplementing with DHEA/pregnenolone can be a great thing.

    Very confusing I know ... I'm sure I didn't lay things out too clearly either. I would suggest replacing what you are deficient in (testosterone) for a while ... give your body a chance to catch up ... and then maybe switch to DHEA/pregnen.

    There are some really great benefits to testosterone therapy ... "world's greatest anti-depressent" ... not my words ... but not too far off mark in the overall sense of well being category.

  4. Shannonsparkles

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    I look forward to more replies.

    I didn't know testosterone is important to our energy and mood. I don't take drugs, but my body is toxic from metals and swamped with virus stuff - maybe that's why it's low?

    Hormones are so confusing to me. It's kind of like a spiderweb - jiggle one thread and the whole web shakes. Thanks for mentioning pregnenolone. I'll look it up. I wonder too if there are some amino acids that can convert to testosterone, the way l-tyrosine converts to a thyroid hormone. If I have a problem with converting things, I guess I would need to take the hormone itself. Do you know where they get it from? Is it an animal source, or vegetable?

    I have my second FFC appointment tomorrow over the phone, and I'm nervous about it. I got all my test results mailed to me, but I don't know how to interperet them. Low testosterone was one of the few lines I did get the drift of.

    Thank for helping me. ((((hugs)))) Shannon
  5. Shannonsparkles

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    With using a testosterone cream, does the body absorb what it needs and eliminate the rest? Or is it something that you have to watch your levels with and get tested now and then? Are there risks with taking testosterone?

    I did a quick search, and it mentioned ginsing as something that helps with testosterone... but it's late and I'll search more tomorrow. Take care! (( ))
  6. elsa

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    I understand where you're coming from in preferring to take things that will help your body produce what it needs. I have followed similar treatment courses myself, ie amino acid therapy. In fact I still take l-tyrosine and alcar (acetyl-l-carnitine) daily for dopamine, norepiniphrine effect.

    When it comes to your testosterone treatment though I would replace like with like. The effects/benefits will depend on how deficient your free testosterone and serum levels were. So many of our symptoms are mirrored in testos. def. numbers. Keep in mind that women also produce testosterone through the ovaries and adrenal gland ... just obviously not as much as men do.

    Benefits/improvements with treatment ... memory, mental function and caspacity, mood and sense of well being, concentration and focus, muscle energy, stamina, strength, mass and endurance. (That last one can be best illustrated by comparing how wiped out a shower or blow drying your hair made you prior to treatment and how you handle it after treatment begins.)

    The ability to learn and retain information, lowers cholestrole, protects against heart disease and helps lagging libido.

    Particular advantage of testosterone is it's low toxicity (ie liver) especially vs the synthetics. Pill form delivery will have a higher effect on liver though vs the sublingual, topical or injectible deliveries.

    Injt. is mixed with cotton seed oil or sesame seed oil (mine is). It is not stored in the body for future use thus the necessity to replace if deficient. Pharmaceutical companies do not make testos creams/gels at this time and don't have a very good delivery syst for women in place.

    We have a HPA axis problem ... the "a" of course is adrenal gland. Women get their testos in part from this gland ... if it is not working right or insufficient then all the hormones that eventually come from this gland will also be insufficient.

    Point here is there are many "horror" stories surrounding steroid use. Some are quite jusitified ... a healthy 18 year old male has no business taking testosterone injections ... We, on the other hand have a very definite need for T- replacement therapy. You won't sprout hair on your chin overnight or grow body parts you don't need just by taking it. You will hopefully though get back into healthy range as if you didn't have FMS/CFS.

    I hope this helps alleviate some of your concerns with this treatment. Topicals are good .... I just wanted the absolute most effective/best delivery method. If I was going to go for it I wanted to get it done the best possible way.

    I noticed you posted about HGH as well. I have posted lots of stuff about it ... you can search under my name and see if any of it helps. There are lots of research studies (Bennett, Chaney, etc.) showing the importance of GH treatment in CFS and FMS. I take the injection rx GH ... it's costly, but extremely worth it in my case.

    In our HPA axis disregulation GH is tied to the hypothalamus as well as pituitary ... double wammie so to speak.

    Good luck on this .... The hormaone aspect of treatment was one I eagerly anticipated starting on and one in which I wish I had started first .... prior to infection, sleep etc. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!