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    I am a male in my middle 50s and just had my testosterone tested and it came back low, I have not had this test in over a year , or maybe more, so i have just started talking pills , to raise my testosterone.I am taking Androgen 160 mgs a day.I am hoping i notice a change in the weakness i feel. I will not know for a month .
    Females also have a small amount of testosterone it may be worth it to have it check..
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    If you have Fm then this is an expected finding as the androgen balance in both males and females is in deficit.

    DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is inversely related to pain levels. In many testosterone levels are also inversely related to pain levels but not as significantly as DHEA.

    In females oestrogen (estrogen) levels are down and oestrogen modulates/suppresses substance P which amplifies pain in the brain. Substance P is elevated in most people with FM.

    Glucocorticoid (usually cortisol) output can also be affected but very unpredictably. DHEA has a modulating effect on cortisol. This lead some to believe that Fm may be a result of adrenal insufficiency but the evidence for this has been weak. The effects on the hormones is now thought to be a result of immunological changes in the illness (usually ME/CFS) which affect many neuro-immune functions both at the peripheral (muscle, blood vessel) and the CNS eg HPA (hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) interactions, ie the adrenal hormones are affected by the CNS.

    DHEA has been used partly successfully in FM but not testosterone, as far as I am aware. I assume you are taking a synthetic androgen. Was it prescribed?

    Were you diagnosed FM or ME/CFS?
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    Just curious, any new news on how you feel, Rick? I see that it has been a few months. Has the DHEA helped with testosterone or any other functions in your body? Any side-effects at all? I would be very curious to learn more about this!
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    I have Fibromyalgia, and I was taking 160 mgs a day of Androgen,blood tests 2 weeks apart it did nothing, no side effects my Doctor said that the androgen you rub on is more effective then pills, but i cannot afford to buy it so i am going to talk to him about an injection.