Test's and More Test's

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    Went for my Physical today, I have a new Primary and it's time for more test's, so they are loading me up.

    Trouble is, my Dr. was sick, so I saw his Partner, that man was a whirlwind in action. He was fast, said he didn't know much about FMS, but that the Patients with it had a Hard time getting Relief. I wanted to Hug Him. Wow 2 Doctor's in the same office that will work with Patients, they Really Believed me, well now I just need a GYN. Doctor who is open minded, and has Small Hands, Ouch!

    So over the next month, including today, my Lab's are for CBC, Chem 19, Rheumatoid Factor, Stool Occult Factor, TSH and of course the good old Urinalysis W/Micro

    Then next month I will be having the Mammogram, another Urine Test for my UTI that I thought was Gone, but isn't.

    I'm still waiting for the ok to see an ENT Doc. for the Mastoid disease, this Dr. was gonna put in a refferal also, to see if they can't speed things along. I need an MRI of the Brain as well as the MRI and X-Ray of the Cervical Spine.

    They did an EKG in the office, and it's ok, said that there was some kind of Blockage in the right side, but that it wasn't a problem, that it was more Electro,(?), I said is that like the Electo Maganitic Static I get? (sorry about spelling) I do stop Watche's, copier's, printer's, the TV has been known to change channels when I sit down next to it. Hubby and I had a good laugh, when we finally figured out what was happening. I thought he was goofing around on me, cause of the teasing he does, that's our way of coping with this dd, and it works.

    Well that's my Report for today, now I feel Wiped out, the Neck and Ear are still hurting, and so is the Back from the Cab ride, lol.


    BTW, I find it helpful to print out my Posts that i have made after my Doctor visit's, easy way to keep it a Journal, and to remember what they did, I'll forget by tomorrow. Oh Yeah He did say the "You Look Good Tho", lol, he was real sweet. for a doctor.[This Message was Edited on 06/02/2003]
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    to have good doctors who believe you.
    Take Care!
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    I took over Seven years, a lot of Tear's Frustration and Fear, but I got through them and I ended up with some of the Best Doctor's in Ca. I just wish, with all my Heart and mite that other's would be so Blessed.

    I went through Hell the first 7 years, I was living in Idaho, and the Medical Care up there Sucks.

    I always recommend my Doctor's to other's seeking help, it's the least I can do, and they have don't mind that I do.

    Trust is a 2 way Street, they also Trust me, which really helps with my Emotional fears too.

    Hope you are feeling well and have a Peaceful day.(Tuesday)