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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by bct, Nov 15, 2006.

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    I just got my results back from the lab.

    IGM : starred bands 23, 39, 41 came back as indeterminate.
    IGG: band 41 came back as indeterminate.

    So I either have not got Lyme according to CDC, or I MIGHT have Lyme or have HAD Lyme? Is this what this means? Do I pursue this further? I wish I had taken my bull's eye rash to the doc. when I had it.

    Suggestions anyone? I am at my wits end. Just found another neighbor who was mis-dx'd with RA before finally being treated for Lyme and has recovered.

    To read any more of my exposure to ticks read my other posts here on the Lyme board; there aren't many of them.

    I'm on SSI and can't really afford many more tests because of costs.

    Advice please, especially as to the significance of the "indeterminate" designation.

    Regards to all,
    Tired and frustrated I remain Barry.
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    Scroll to bottom of the lyme message board and click next and you will see a post titled CHOOTOKS POST ABOUT HOW TO READ A WESTERN BLOT. It was posted by Victoria

    It was written by one of my doctors. From what I have learned from him he would look at your symptoms and look at your lyme test and consider it lyme. IND means its sending out a signal but its a weak one. Many docs look at that as a positive.

    Welcome to Club lyme,


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    Thanks for the point to Victoria's very useful post.

    And thanks for the club membership too!

    Now I need to FIND a doc. who will just treat me, and I know that that is a hard row to hoe.

    Again, thanks for your kindness to strangers,