Tests back my liver passed

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    I don't even have to have a biopsy. I was passed along to a gastoenterologist when my liver enzymes were getting high. Along with repeating the tests (test levels have come down a bit since) and doing additional testing for auto-immune problems, etc. and a liver ultrasound, all the tests came back NEGATIVE. My family doc is to repeat the enzymes tests on a regular basis to monitor the situation, but I've been cleared for having to worry about this in the present. Hurray!
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    Were your liver enzymes the only thing that was high? Did they do an anti-mitochondrial antibody test?

    Just wondering 'cause I had a GI appt. last Monday for positive anti-mitochondrial antibodies which is almost always positive (98% of the time) for primary biliary cirrhosis which is autoimmune in nature; however, my liver enzymes are normal right now.

    We have to check the enzymes every six months. If and when they start elevating, I have to go on medication to slow down destruction of my liver.

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    Bumping for Juloo for more responses!

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    I have a copy of my results, but at least 2/3 of it might as well be in Martian. (Although, I can say without hesitation that my "GALLBLADDER IS FREE OF SLUDGE"!!!)

    They seemed to have a lot of anti-smooth muscle antibody-type tests. Also "Alpha-1-antitrypsin", "ANA screen" and "Ceruloplasmin", "smooth muscle AB w/titer", "alpha-fetoprotein tumor marker".
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    Glad for you. Must be a relief.

    Love Anne
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    I have positive anti-mitochondrial antibodies, positive smooth muscle antibodies, positive ANA.

    I'm glad your ultrasound and additional tests have come back negative. Why do they think your enzymes were high? Mine were high back when I had an acute case of cytomegalovirus in 2002.

    I would feel better if they would go ahead and do an ultrasound on me to ensure all is well...

  7. Juloo

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    Nobody would really listen to me, but this is my take:

    Initially, my enzymes were higher than normal because I have chronic active EBV. In the last six months, tests show the antibody load has reduced to about 2/3 of what it was.

    Also, around May/June, I lost about 25 lbs. I think the highest liver enzyme readings were right in the middle of this weight-loss period. Fat on its way out...out through the liver?

    I've had above-normal tests for about a decade, but only recently have they gone above the 45-ish range...to about 5 or 6 times this amount.
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    ...gotta make you feel good not to need a liver biopsy, too. I'm glad everything came out OK.

  9. TerryS

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    Yeah, the docs won't listen to me, either!!! But your take on this sounds reasonable to me! As long as the other tests came back normal, sounds like you can breathe easy for a while!

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    It always great to hear when someone is doing better! :)
    Take good care of yourself, Kim