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    I've been ill with severe M.E. / CFS now for 20 years. I 1st became ill whilst working as a veterinary nurse. I live in the U.K.

    I'm wondering what infections I could've possibly picked up whilst working with animals .... feathered, furry, spikey, wild and domestic! Have always had close contact with animals from a child too; horses, cats, dogs, birds (wild too), hedgehogs, squirrels, cows, sheep .... I need not go on!

    I've just had results back for 3 CHLAMYDIA (respiratory) strain tests .... all negative.
    I'm awaiting results for LYME, BABBESIA, ERLICHIA and BARTONELLA(Igenex)

    ..... other than the ones I've mentioned, can anyone think of any others I should test for with regards my veterinary/ animal work?

    The only infection out of HHPV6, CMV and EBV that has been positive is EBV. Have been ill with severe M.E. / CFS now for 20years. I live in the U.K.

    Many thanks in advance :eek:) Be so grateful if anyone can help.
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    it won't hurt to get tested for all/anything possible, including toxoplasmosis, Mycoplasma, etc.

    You may even have something that is not something you picked up from animals, for instance hemochromatosis - it causes a lot of similar problems as well.

    There's a thread on the main CF/FM board here about other possible dx's to consider that I started, I'll bump it up again. Also here's the url for it:

    But in all honesty, the reliability of most tests is below 50%, so dx for most of these things takes a skilled clinician. Sadly, when it comes to these 'stealth' pathogens, medicine IS still more an 'art' than a science despite all the advances.

    all the best,

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    All very interesting, thank you ... just the sort of info I wanted.

    Will look them all up and investigate. I seem a bit young for hemochratosis from what I've read (I'm 37) ... but I will look into all.

    Many thanks and kind regards,
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    no age limits on that one for men or women quite honestly... so don't overlook it as the 'cure' for that at least is fairly easy at least for most - just have blood taken often until iron levels are normal...

    and if not found can cause permanent damage to your liver.

    Anyway, good luck and let us know what you find out!

    all the best,