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    Since I cannot work and only get $197 a month SSI, I am unable to repay my student loan. I have been disabled for more reasons that Fm/cfs, but I need all the information about my disability that I can get so they will finally forgive my loan. My doc has filled out 2 forms comfirming I am totally disabled but EDSI keeps telling me it is not good enough for them, just because the government tells me I am disabled that it doesnt mean they think I am!!! I cannot believe that but now I am really in a jam and need help. My doc moved and the new doc doesnt feel he knows me well enough, even though he has all my records, and he doesnt feel he has the experience to fill the forms out for me. My records are facts. I feel because I am on medicade he is being bias, but that is only my opinion. Anyway I need to see another doc and get them use to me and get as many test as I can to confirm the fm/cfs, even though I have been dx with it before, though it was only through pressure point checks and symptoms. I also have cervical disc disease, a spur, a broken vertabrae, hypermobility, manic depression, ptss, severe spasms, migraines...Please help me if you have any information. I dont know where else to turn except you, my friends. Love Sis
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    Sis - there isn't one specific test to prove you have FM - at least none that I know of. It is a process of elimination. I wish I could be of more help to you! Good Luck
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    Hi Sis,
    I had the 18 trigger point test, (which it sounds like you have had) and that was the determining factor that I had Fibromyaliga. Of course some people with FM will test negative on this too, so you really have to look at the whole picture.

    I've found if I want to check out other tests, I put it in the message search in the upper left hand of this board. I just put in "Thyroid" and found out about TSH, antibodies, T-3, and T-4 testing. I have had TSH tests, but not the others, so I think I'll ask my doctor about that.

    I would like to get tested for a mycoplasma infection, and neurotoxins, like cituguara. I took a web test for Visual Contrast Sensitivity and it came back positive for neurotoxins. Now I want to get to a doctor and confirm this, since it could be a false positive if I did it wrong, or if my computer wasn't right.

    Western blot is another test I'd like to get to make for double sure I really don't have Lyme disease.

    Often it seems like the diagnosis of FM and or CFS is resulting from the fact that one doesn't have a bunch of other things...or one does, but their symptoms overlap creating bigger problems.

    I'd like to believe 100% that I don't have lyme disease or lupus, after run of the mill blood tests that were negative, but after all that I've read on this board it makes me question everything again and want to be more aggressive about my treatment options.

    Probably all of what I've mentioned here is talked about more extensively on the board. Use the message search to check, and good luck!
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    Make sure you get the psy to write a letter as well as your regular Doctor. Are you getting SSA? That is $ for past work. If not then consider hiring a (SS Attorney, one wh has experience with SS) they get a precentage of your back pay, (that's the money owed you from the day you applied if you are found disabled)and you get the rest. Wouldn't hurt to talk to one, but try to get one that was a SS judge before becomming a attorney. Good luck.
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