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    Yes, you read that right!! I played tetherball for 45 minutes yesterday with my two grandsons--ages 3 and 5. I am four weeks into my remission and having a blast. Two months ago, I could barely lift my head up off my pillow to give these boys a kiss. My grandbabies were constantly being told to "hush" around me and not to wiggle on the bed.

    Now, I'm watching these two boys 5 days a month--playing on the floor, making lunch and cookies, and playing tetherball. I'd never played tetherball in my life but they asked me to. My adult daughter came around the corner and "caught" me and I thought she'd die of shock. All the doubters in the family have had to admit the obvious, that I am getting well. Finally, last night, my husband admitted it too.

    I just wanted to share this small but, to me, very momentous news. Please don't give up hope. Just as you woke up sick one day months, years, or even decades ago, you could wake up well once again. Even if this doesn't last, I'm so elated to be part of the world again. Our new foster children have no idea how I used to be and just take for granted the way their new Mom is. My older children seem to be savoring each day. I see them sneaking glances at me from across the dining room table. I hadn't fed them a dinner in years and now they can count on dinner being on the table, and me sitting with them, every single night at 6 pm. This is such a joy.


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    I am sooooo happy for you! I loved to play tetherball when I was a youngin'!! How fun for you!

    Most importantly, you are getting your life back and your family and you won't take any moment for granted. What a blessing!

    Take Care and don't over do it! :)

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