TETRA masts, magnetism and Ley lines!

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    Not posted before and I'm assuming, rightly or wrongly, that the majority of users are from the U.S.

    I live in Scotland, in a small town called Crieff and have had CFS for just over two years since diagnosis, probably more like three years since the first symptoms.

    The weird thing is, that this relatively small community has quite a few sufferers in its midsts and more cases come to light in the surrounding villages. Previously, I lived in a village that had no communication masts and was fine until I moved here about 12 months before the problems started. Now, that village has had a mast put up (near a school, of all places) and cases of CFS are starting to come to light, 'though not in abundance.

    I have read about 'cluster' effects and also read a tenuous link to energy lines, on which Crieff is aligned with, on one of those Earth Mystery sites - which was unexpected.

    Magnetism is a strange thing and external forces can have a strong effect on the body. Can a concentration of magnetism, radio waves, microwaves or similar have any bearing on CFS/ME?

    I know it's a bit 'hokum pokum', but I am so desperate now, that I am willing to look into things that may be out of the ordinary, or so obvious, that nobody can see them.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to my rantings.
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    I think this could well be a possibilty because no-one knows exactly what cuses these illnesses.

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    I think this could well be a possibilty because no-one knows exactly what cuses these illnesses.

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    I think your concerns are a good one...I have heard of such htings and I do not think it is so 'hokum pokum'... I lived under power lines at one time and the hair on my arms would stand up at times. Had a friend that worked on the lines and he told me that the 'juice' that comes out of the lines drips like water sometimes...do not exactly know what he meant by that, but it is interesting....you are not ranting.
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    I can't answer your comments about electro-magnetism, but I can understand about the cell phone towers being near schools. The largest one near me is also near a school -- about four blocks away and being used also as a flag pole for a school for age 7 and 8 years olds. It's really, really big, too. Do you know how far away effects can be felt or measured?
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    I also live in Crieff and wrote the book about the star-shaped ley lines through Crieff which you talk about. Only yesterday I used my RadioFrequency detector at the cellphone mast near the Hydropathic overlooking the town and found that the readings about 100 yards away were well below that which experts say can cause symptoms to even electrosensitives (0.02 V/m.)
    When the mast was first put up a few years ago I used my divining rods and found that the waves of energy from the mast (alternating positive and negative) spread out like the spokes of a bicycle wheel, but could focus into "black spirals" which concentrate them by a large factor.
    I now intend to test the other masts in the area. Perhaps these waves focus into underground streams which are common in this area.