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  1. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Hi TexanGal,
    I wanted to apologize for possibly getting your Lyme vs Fibro post deleted by the moderators (unless you deleted it).

    I wanted you to know that your original post was not offensive at all and was done the proper way, asking for help, support, pondering all the possibilities.

    Some of the responses you got were the troubling ones (to me) and I got upset.

    I am sorry if that caused your post to get deleted. Did you see my response about Dr. Salvato. I used to see her and I would be happy to share tips on how to get the most out of your visit.

    I hope you are not upset.
  2. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    I'm not at all upset. I actually had no idea that I should check for Lyme. I'm still trying to get into Dr. Salvato.

    In another life I thought that alternative medicine, holistic medicine, vitamin therapy, food allergies, et. all was nothing but bunk. I am now a convert and am learning more every day. This board has been a lifesaver. For me, the FM diagnosis was is acknowlegement that I AM sick and not going nuts.

    I had a past addiction to pain killers and I really don't want to get back into that. I'm managing my pain with Ultram (which I am sure I'm habituated to and will need help if I ever have to go off) and Celebrex. I realize that pain meds used for pain is not the same as recreational play, but I'm being cautious since right now I can manage what I'm going through.

    I honestly don't care what the literal interpretation of FM is. I am SICK, exhausted and I hurt! It is very real. I plan on looking into everything I can to get better. At this point I really don't care what is causing it, I want to find a way to at least make living as pleasant as possible! I have NEVER been one to say "my stuff is worse than your stuff". We all suffer.

    Please know I am not upset in anyway. I did miss your comment about Dr. Salvato if you don't mind reposting.

    Thanks Marti,

  3. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I am glad you didn't read my original post as I was a little hard on her.

    I saw her about a 6 months after my sudden onset. She was at the end of her research which she published the following year.

    What I liked - she started me on glutathione injections and I truly feel that this gave me 30-40% functionality. I herxed like heck the first month but then steady saw progress.

    What I didn't like - a much longer list, :-(
    She sold the glut. injections at a rather high profit. I went to purchasing the vial myself and making them for $1.13 (instead of paying her $10 for each shot).

    She gives you ten to fifteen min. the first visit and 5 thereafter.

    She did not run 1 single test. I really felt not knowing whether I had other co-infections kept me from addressing them before they got out of hand.

    Keep your history short - no side conversations. "Just the facts, ma'am". Don't ask any questions that can be googled. Make of list of symptoms for her and for you. prioritize them and pick the top three you need help with that visit.

    Make a list of your questions, a copy for you and a copy for her. Give her her copy. Don't make it a 20 question list.

    When her hand is on the knob, you have time for one more question and then she is gone and not coming back.

    I understand from others who have seen her since I saw her that she is using more testing so you may have good luck with her.

    She is VERY intelligent and VERY compassionate. It wasn't enough for me (I wanted and needed every possible test) but I am thankful for the help she gave me.

  4. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    I'm already skeptical because I either had to fax or email to get an appointment and I emailed Monday. As of today I have not heard back. Even though she is on my insurance, I think I just might pass on her. If I do hear from her office regarding an appt, I am going to think for a while before I decide to go.

    Thanks! What you mention in conjunction with how appt. scheduling works has give me valuable information.
  5. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    I really appreciate having both perspectives! If you are familiar with the city, I'm in West Houston and she is in the Greenway Plaza area, so it is relatively convenient, more so than the med center, which can be a pain to visit. I think I am going to wait until my lap band surgery is scheduled, then I'll try to track her down. Fortunately they are prepping me to death for surgery, so I should have a ton of labs for her *L*.

  6. kat0465

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    i first saw DR. Salvato years ago & stuck with her for about 4 or 5 then after hurricane rita hit, i didnt see her till about 3 months ago. why are you having a hard time just calling for an appt??
    i called to make another appt after all thses years, & they said i would have to start over as a new patient,they gave me an appt for about a month later, over the phone. as marti stated i spent more time with her np which i really like! than her.she did a ton of bloodwork on me & when i go back in august we will be doing some more, so far, she has put me on Interferon, Xanax for sleep, neurontin. no gluthaion yet she did tests to see if i was low first, ( I am ) so im sure ill be starting that next time.
    from my expierence if you tell her you want it, she will do it. especially if you list your symptoms. im almost 2 hours from her, but shes the best i've got! there is absolutely noone here in the southeasttexas area that really treats or cares one bean about fibro!! just thought i'd give you another account of DR salvato. ooh and she for sure is BUSY!!! i was really surprised they took me back & as quick as they did!

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