Textbook Symptoms, but 'negative' tests

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achingbytch, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. achingbytch

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    I was diagnosed with FM by default. My family doctor sent me to a rhuematologist who did a battery of blood work that all came back negative. This was after about 15 years (that is correct FIFTEEN years) of symptoms and doctors that scratched their heads and suggested anxiety or depression meds. No one could explain or link together the intermittent fevers, the chills, joint pains, moodiness, excessive menstrual issues, IBS...it was all in my head.
    It seems the younger generation in some ways has an easier time with finding a diagnosis. It certainly should not take anyone these days the years it took me to find out what is devastating their life.
    Are doctors, either family or specialists, SEEING fibromyalgia more clearly now?
    Is the disease being diagnosed for itself now or is it still being diagnosed after nothing else can be found?
    I see the conversations about changing the name to something more appropriate, but is that the real issue...it seems doctors need to listen better, put things together better and understand that most people do not want to spend years wandering from doc to doc trying to find out what's wrong, if nothing is really wrong. That's a different disorder altogether:)
  2. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    I was diagnosed by all other tests being negative and by having 14 out of 18 tender points. I had to go to a fibro specialist to get the tender points checked. None of the others even checked for them! (4 neuro's and a rheumy), but told me I had it. I still believe it's secondary to something else though. It's just toooooo bad.
  3. minkanyrose

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    I thought years was notmal to get diagnosis I have seen over 20 different doctors sent to speciaalist chiropractors I guess it is easier to get diagnosis now days.

    For years I was labled severelly depressed I would agree with them and say yes I am depressed you keep telling me nothing is wrong with me and I can't get you to see I can't move or sit or sleep with out pain wouldn't you be depressed toO!!!!!

    I hear you when you say youve been through all the test and blood work I told my doctor they should pay me for being their research experiment that is what I felt like.
  4. California31

    California31 New Member

    I bounced around to MANY doctors....neurologists, rheumatologists...etc., etc....(many at the HMO....I was in....)....they all knew SOMETHING was wrong...finally got real help from an LA area pain specialist...a real doctor...not a puffed-up pontificating....type...(of which, I had many....I'd forgotten about some until I started typing this post...it was rough...)....As far as chills go....many with FM experience extreme coldness in their bodies...(sometimes I wear a down jacket when I go to some friend's homes....that are like meat lockers to me...when evryone else seems comfortable...and being commercial buildings with commercial air conditioning virtually makes me ill....no matter how much I bundle up....it's a different story when I'm in snow....it's cold...but not sickeningly cold as in commercial air conditioning...)
    And today...I'm not so sure I would exhibit all the tender points....but there is plenty of other stuff that goes on that keenly reminds me of the SYNDROME....
    I hope you are able to find a sympathetic, knowledgeable doctor...practioner....to help you.
  5. roge

    roge Member

    This is not a full proof tool for Dx for FM because

    Our symptoms (muscle pain) fluctuate amd one day you might test + for 3 points when on another day you test for 15. This test was used for clincial research purposes anyway and was not intended for actual clinical diagnosis.

    Also, there are theories that males are under dx because in general males have a higher pain threshold (genetic) than femalels so the typical 4kg of pressure applied to the tender points for a female will result in more pain than for a male.

    Thus never let any Dr. who only does one tender point test who says you didnt get at least 11 tell you dont have FM.


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