TF and the flu?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by CelticLadee, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. CelticLadee

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    Hello TF friends,

    Well, I came down with the flu on Dec. 8th.

    The day I switched from 4Life TF+ to PH essentials w/matrix 2000 I woke up with the worst sore throat and it progressed from there.

    I have been miserable every since. Now I wonder if I hadn't switched TF if I would have kept the flu at bay or not? Guess I'll never know the answer to that question huh?

    Anyway, I cannot fairly evaluate whether the 4Life worked better for me than the Essentials under these circumstances.
    I would say since I began Essentials I have been sick as a dog. LOL.

    I will stay on the Essentials another month to see how it goes. I will decide then what to do next.

    I can't seem to get rid of this chest congestion. Besides taking TF I am on every good vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and elderberry and larch tree. The latter two have helped some. Maybe I need more time... another week? Just so tired of being sicker!

    Hope you all are staying away from the flu.

  2. sun1

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    When you take transfer factor is actually boosts your immune response to foreign bugs in your body..
    When you have the flu, your body recognizes the flu bug and fights to purge it from your body. Your body purges the bug it by vomiting and diarrea. If you have a bad bug and your body doesn't recognize it then take transfer factor, your bodys immune response wakes up. If you have something in your body and your body purges it, guess what, the transfer factor is helping your body to get rid of the bug.. In this case, woo hoo transfer factor essentials..
    lol, Sunny
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  3. spacee

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    I would send you a hug but I don't want to catch anything....sorry bad joke. I am so sorry you have the flu.
    Sun1 could be right. I don't know enough to help. Dr. Ryser has people take more TF if they get the flu BUT Pro Health says not to do that. My hubby had the flu and it was terrible. I hope you feel better soon.

    It is amazing to me that some people will stay with something that makes them feel sicker for months and then after a long time they feel so much better. I admire their "stick to it". Personally, it has to be a pretty quick fix for me. I am pretty wimpy.

    Blessing to you...

  4. CelticLadee

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    Happy Holidays to the both of you and whoever else may come across this reply. ;)

    It has been a BIG bummer being sick this month. I haven't been out of the house since Dec. 8th which means my dear hubby has had total responsibility for shopping & errand running. He is marvelous though and has stepped up to bat.

    It is good to think that the TF is causing my immune system to fight bugs again. If I have to suffer awhile to get great benefits I'm okay with that ... but ... if this is for nothing I would be ticked for wasting my time & suffering for nothing. LOL. Hope that made sense to you.

    My hubby asked me if it would be a good idea to quit TF for awhile so my immune system goes back to being lame so I can recoop from this flu. I didn't think that sounded like a good idea. After all I'm over the worst of it. Seems like I should just hang in there. If I could just get rid of this chest congestion I know I would feel good again. My ND told me to start taking larch tree several times a day and that should help. I'm afraid if it doesn't get better in a week I will be forced to visit my GP and I'd guess that would mean antibiotics. Plus she will no doubt tell me to stop the TF and all the other supplements I take. She isn't comfortable with it at all. All she ever wanted me to do is take an anti-depressant so I could sleep through the night. I refused. I'd rather use natural remedies like valerian, etc. although they aren't totally effective I get by.

    Well, am hoping for the best. Thanks for your input, kind words and encouragement. It is always good to talk to you - absolutely nobody I know understands or wants to talk about this disease and sometimes I feel so alone. My hubby is the exception of course but I pull punches with him as he worries about me too much.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas. I am baking pumpkin pie and roasting a chicken in between naps today. We won't be having company or go visiting so it will be a quiet but enjoyable time watching Cricket open her presents. She is very entertaining with her puppy antics & loves to show off for us.

    My very best to you,
  5. spacee

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    Merry Christmas to you too and please let us know how it goes with you. Glad to hear Hubby and Cricket are feeling well. Yes, no one cares that we are sick and they don't care when we get better either! lol


  6. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Thanks for the response and the chuckle.
    I am feeling better. The chest congestion is lessening.
    Now I am fighting sinus/face/head pain. I began taking
    oil of oregano yesterday and I think that is helping me.

    I am anxious to get over this flu and get a better idea how the transfer factor is doing.

    I am still thinking about where to go with TF when things settle down again for awhile. Since I don't know which viruses I am fighting & can't afford the testing... I was thinking maybe it would be wise to take the Immune Transfer C which would cover just about all of them. Does this make sense Spacee?

  7. spacee

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    Thanks for the report on your flu progress. I would be eager to get on with the TF progress too. Personally, having such good results with the IMC, I heartily recommend starting with it. Of course, we all are different but with no testing, you can cover alot of territory with the IMC. I would go for it ( but I am no doc.)

    Keep us posted on how/what you are doing....



    PS. IMC also has "growth factors" which the other TF don't seem to have. And these are suppose to be especially helpful.[This Message was Edited on 12/28/2003]