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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by simple, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. simple

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been on TF 200 for about a year now. I have had great results with it. But during past several weeks, I have been feeling real lousy. So I have been off of it for over a week now. I'm thinking about giving TF C or TF 64 a try. Could someone tell me the differences among the three? I've read posts here that those two have been good for certain people...

    By the way, I went to see my CFS doctor today and she said there has been talk of bringing back Kutapresin. Has anybody else heard same thing? I think she was misinformed but wanted to double check. What I wouldn't give for a vial of Kuta now. :)

  2. spacee

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    I am at my mother's right now and don't have my catalogue but TF C and 64 cover more viruses than the 200. I have had wonderful results with the TF C and others seem to like the 64 better. We are all different.

    Wonder if you have been tested for the HHV6A & B. CMV and EBV. It is not necesssary but it does make it easier to tell which TF to use.

    I will be back home Sunday nite and will try to post more before Hurricane Ivan hits.

  3. simple

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    Thanks for the reply. I did test positive for HHV6 and EBV last summer.

    I just got a blood test done yesterday so I should have newer information by mid-next week.

    What is CMV? Also, what is the difference between HHV6 A and B?

    Whenever you get a chance to post... thanks!


  4. spacee

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    CMV is cytomegliovirus. I don't think it is a childhood virus but I really don't know what it is. I have tested positive for it at times and negative at others. I haven't been tested for it in years.

    I think one of the HHV6's is roseola that we can get as infants but, again, I am not sure. When I was tested, they only knew about one and I am positive for that.

    Mikie knows more about the HHV6 A&B and probably something about the CMV. Hopefully she will be back on. She went to Atlanta because of the storm. I hope she is feeling ok. She said she would post from there.

    I think the hurricane isn't going over the top of us!!!! I have heard that the houses are having their ceilinngs falling in. Charley ruined the roofs and Frances poured in the water. Very bad.

  5. Plantscaper

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    is considered another "mono-like" disease, similar to EBV, with similar symptomalogy.

    Stay safe, Spacee...

  6. simple

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    Thanks to both of you for your posts. I am going to read over the results of my blood test later this week and see if any of those show up. Please be safe Spacee.
  7. spacee

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    You covered some of the major viruses with the TF 200...CMV and HHV6 A&B. I can see why you had good results. If you have an elevated titer for EBV then the TFC would be worth a try for a month and see if you get any reaction. Should be feel worse at first and then improve.

    If it is not that, then you might have mycoplasms that need to be addressed through antibiotic therapy. Again, Mikie has been going through that for a couple of years and a search on the other board could bring up valuable info.

    I don't think that Kuta is going to be remade. Dr. Enlander in New York has a someone making his version of it but he never prescribed much Kuta a week 1 cc.

    I used to have that feeling...oh for some Kuta but haven't in a while. Boy, that stuff got me through my 2nd son's wedding. Sad it isn't available for those who want it.

    We are all doing ok in our little torn up town. People are dragging carpet and furniture out of their houses that are ruined. It is a mess and will be for a long time...thanks for your thoughts.

  8. simple

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    Hi Spacee,

    Thanks for insightful information. It was very helpful. I am hoping that my blood report will show high activity of EBV. That way I know what has been causing this extreme fatigue for a month now. And if so, I will give Transfactor C a try. It's a bit pricier than TF 200, but worth a shot. I will post again as soon as I have news. Take care and good luck with getting back to normalcy after the storm. Be strong.

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The TF 200 only covers CMV and HHV-6, both a and b strains.

    The TF C covers Lyme Disease, Chlamydia, CMV, EBV, and HHV-6, b strain only.

    I am taking both these for about two months except for when I was either cleaning up after hurricanes or traveling to get out of the way of a hurricane, which has been most of the time lately :) But, I digress...

    I had to work up slowly as I was soooooo sensitive and the TF's caused such an immune reaction, I felt as though I had the flu. I am now on one capsule per day of each and am Herxing like crazy. This stuff is training my own immune system and it is killing them--SUCCESS!!!

    I am using no Doxycycline anymore and am not taking the Famvir either. I also am not using my zapper as it seems counterproductive to kill the pathogens we are trying to expose our immune systems to.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie