TF Essentials, a slow go for me

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by dancingnut, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. dancingnut

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    Just wanted to write in to ya all here. Wow, Ive been working on taking TF Essentials for 6 weeks now and have had to go real slow. I cant handle one every second day yet! I cant imagine taking one a day. I guess it is really doing something good for me, cuz it is packing quite a punch for me. I feel sometimes a great deal more strength and well being and then I'll get hit with a splitting headache and tiredness, spots in eyes. So on the one hand, I feel it is strenghtening me, but the detox part pulls me down off and on.

    I want so much for my body to adjust to this so I can start the Doxycycline. It is taking too long to get on this protocol!! But I believe I can get well doing what Sujay says, so I am sticking with it.


    ANNXYZ New Member

    I am finally tolerating 2 capsules a day of immune care 64. There were days at first that i only could handle a half capsule a day . I have been taking a day off ot about every 8 or 9 days to give my body a break as I would get just as weary as I did at first with the doxy . Fatigue and achiness to the bone all over discomfort ! It took about 6 weeks to work up to two capsules for me ! I still feel the effects of each dose within a couple of hours in a strong way , but somehow i am managing to keep shuffling along - though often in a stupor.
    I am in agreement with you that this protocol offers a real chance of improvement worth my best efforts and perseverance. I am grateful to have something to try that has been effective for others in some cases .
    I am also EXTREMELY grateful that Sujay shares the knowledge she has about this illness on this site .
    I thank God for her being here .
  3. dancingnut

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    Yes, it seems so tough to go through this, but the other choice is to let more time go by with no improvement another year down the road. Patience is key, cuz this takes time, especially for those who have been sick for a decade or two.

    Thanks for the support.
  4. Mikie

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    It took most of us a long time to get this sick and we need to take it easy when we start trying to heal. Overwhelming the body with dead, toxic pathogens is hard on us.

    Drink LOTS of water and take Vitamin C. It helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've been taking ImmuneCare 64 since Feb. 19th.
    Last week I finally worked my way up again & took the recommended 3 caps a day for a week when my head and ears became full of pressure.

    I cut back to 2 caps a day this week. I still have the pressure although not quite as bad. It migrates from my ears to my forehead, sometimes the temple area and some times the face area. Feels kinda numb like... very weird. I get mild headaches from time to time but a aspirin works for it.

    The good part is I have more stamina and energy. No more fevers either. I still can't walk the beach - when I get winded I crash. Walking through sand is too hard on me. But if I avoid the aerobic aspects of exercise I can walk a few blocks now. Pavement works for me. hehe.

    I'm really glad for you Donna. It sounds like you are coming along alright. It does seem to take a long time for our bodies to adjust to the TF doesn't it? Not like the brochure that says you will may have flu symptoms for a couple of weeks. Ha. If that was all we had to deal with it would be a piece of cake! It's all the other weird stuff that goes on that is freaky.

    Last time I took 3 caps a day I had awful chest pressure and breathing troubles. Now it is the head thing. Does anyone else have the pressure/numb feeling in your head and face areas?