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    Hi Tf friends. Please help me with this one. I "found" that I had put a bottle of TF Ess./basics in the cupbd...Well, it must had been there for a couple months. Well, I opened it and started using it...then put it in the fridge. Do you think the product is ok? I probably put that tf. bottle in the cupbd. without thinking with all the other supplements! Thanks everyone. any of you take the reg. tf. with other tfs. for the hhv6 family and epstein barr family./???
    Other than this...I love TF...and thankful for it. Yes, I feel like I have a LIFE after the use of TF.
    Thanks, Blazer.
  2. Mikie

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    I left mine out overnight once and it didn't seem to affect them.

    I just finished three months of the TF C and TF 200 and have now stopped. These target the HHV-6 and EBV. All the time I was on the TF's, I had an immune reaction, but it got better with time. The worst was the fluid retention which is now going away. I lost 8 pounds and think it is all water. I still have slight swelling in my ankles.

    I Herxed five times while on the TF's with each Herx getting less and less severe. Only time will tell whether the TF's have imparted immunity. I will continue to take them for a day every month as a booster. I am feeling a lot better than before I started the TF treatment, but I'll have to see whether it lasts.

    Love, Mikie