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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jane32, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. jane32

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    I hear everyone talk about their immune response to TF. What should I expect and how soon will I show symptoms? How long does it typically last? I figure everyone is different but I am just curious. I hate the unknown:)I am suppose to take 1 tablet three times a day. Those that have gone through it have you noticed a major difference in your CFS?
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    Hi Jane,
    I'm no expert but I can give you my experience. I started taking Immune transfer C in October. With that one,you only take one capsule a day. I started to get an immune response within about 2 weeks. I had increased pain, chills, cough, increased fatigue, (sort of a leaden feeling in my arms and legs) and headaches.

    I did adjust my dose at times, taking only 1/2 a capsule or skipping a day if I felt really bad. From consulting others, it seems that it's quite fine to slow things down a bit if it gets too tough. I actually stopped for a bit over the holidays so I wouldn't worry about special events.
    I am surprised that by now I am feeling some better. My pain is minimal most of the time and my head is much clearer. I do get tired over the holidays so it's a little hard to judge my energy but it's coming back perhaps more quickly.I intend to continue taking the TF for a while yet.

    I know that Mikie talks about a strong die-off response that she gets after the immune response. Either I haven't had that yet or it's not my pattern. It may depend on how many pathogens one has or how quickly thay are killed off.

    It is important to note that everyone is different. You will know when you are responding because you will feel different. You know your body better than anyone.

    Good luck on your journey. You are already part way there with what you are doing. We are stepping into the unknown a bit here and I think we need to support each others' strength and courage as we battle this disease.

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    I too am looking for success stories with transfer factor. I was getting gamma globulin shots in November and they increased my energy and improved my sleep. Since they too are added immunity against targeted viruses. They are expensive, so I was wondering how transfer factor might help me. So far in here I have been reading about herxing. I didn't herx with gamma globulin. Who has improved energy from taking transfer factor? Let's keep bumping this post to get maximum exposure/testimonies.
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  5. dreamharp

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    I took the TF Essentials from Prohealth and I had a "flu"
    type reaction. Felt horrible with no energy, aches and
    pains, low grade fever, felt so ill I could not function. I called Pro Health and they claimed it was working. I couldn't stand how I felt so I got off of them.

    I might try again to see what happens.
    (Most people don't seem to have the reaction I had.)
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    Bumping for others.
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    Mikie and others have reported great success with Transfer Factors. I'm taking TF 4000 and haven't had an immune response or herx yet, but it's early days.
  10. Mikie

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    I've been in remission and been sooooo busy trying to take care of all the things that have slipped. I overdid things yesterday so am resting today.

    We all react differently to the TF's. Some of us have found them to produce the strongest immune response of all the things we've tried. This makes sense as the TF's train the immune system to recognize pathogens. It was a month before I could tolerate whole capsules. Before that, I sprinkled some of the contents under my tongue.

    The immune response can feel like the flu and include a slight fever, sweating, chills, aches and pains, sore throat, headache, and swollen lymph nodes.

    If the immune system goes on a killing spree in the body, we can Herx which is the body's way of purging the dead, toxic pathogens. Herxing can include all the above and profuse sweating, nausea, and diarrhea from hell. The diarrhea is distinct for it's odor of death. I always feel so much better following Herxing. There is a payoff for all the misery.

    As more and more pathogens kill their host cells and enter the bloodstream, this cycle can repeat itself until the body is cleared of the pathogens or until the immune system has them under control.

    I believe myself to be at this point. I only pulse the TF's every six weeks and each time, the immune response and Herx are lighter. Immunity from TF's is not permanent and pulsing them is like a little oral booster vaccine.

    My immune system has become much stronger and if I am exposed to a virus, I typically have a strong immune response and Herx and it goes away very quickly.

    I believe it is as important to build the immune system with probiotics, colostrum, and undenatured whey as it is to rid it of the pathogens. If the TF's one is taking are in colostrum, it isn't necessary to supplement that while on the TF's.

    I've been pretty much through the whole gamut from Doxycycline, Famvir, Heparin, and TF's. I believe the TF's to be very important. It's not a bad idea to take meds which kill pathogens prior to the TF's, but it's vital to train the immune system and build it back up. In my world, TF's rock!

    Love, Mikie
  11. jane32

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    I am taking them two a day for 2 weeks now but no response. I have my typical fever schedule but no other symptoms.

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