TH1 TH2 Immune Function Clinical Testing?

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    Does anyone know the type of clinical testing available to test these immune functions? I've had a ton of immune function tests that were all normal. I read Dr. Cheney's article on TH1 & TH2 . . . my immune system is DEFINITELY over-reacting to certain stimuli (environmental things, food additives, etc., etc.) I am showing a high antibody number to the general (Herpes 1 I think) virus -- my number is 5 which my dr. said normally should be around 2) plus the opportunistic yeast infections I constantly have seem in line with what dr. cheney says.

    He also mentions drugs that will shift functioning back from TH2 to TH1 . . . has anyone taken any of these . . . one of them was kutapressin and immunovir I think plus a few others. I would be curious to see what reaction the drugs had . . . also I am VERY sensitive to drugs so any drug sensitive people out there who have tried them I would be interested in hearing from.

    Thanks! Terri
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    how did you find out that you have hypercoagulation? I saw that dr. cheney said you should only take that shifter if you do . . . I don't know if I have that or not . . . Thanks for the info! Terri