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    What wonderful people you all are I have been reading reading reading before I go to bed all different posts on here and made me realize I do have a sense of humour and I suppose I have let it slip a bit lately. So thought I would share a few funny things that have happened to me with my FMS. One of the things is my brain fog. Sometimes it is so bad especially forgetting names of people when meeting them down the street so I just call them darling or Mrs iggs. I have people I havent seen for a while ask me about my walking stick so I tell them it is for sympathy and says it works everytime. Then if they ask further I do tell them briefly but to constantly tell people why you hve a stick can get a bit tiresome...LOL..
    I have days when I have gone shopping with my girlfriend and every shop you go into I knock something over so I go around with my hand in my pocket. If I get up in the morning and drop three things in a row then I know it is definitely going to be a bad day so resign to the lounge for a rest day. I love sewing but find holding the needle can be quite painful pulling it through the material so found that those disposable gloves are marvelous for that also for pulling weeds but have to be careful doing that as the chest pain that follows can last for days.
    I think from now on I will try very hard to look at the positive side of things and read this message board constantly you are all wonderful people and I am sure that FMS stands for Fabulous and Mentally Sound Club (now what was your name??) love jenny
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    Why not laugh?

    Once I lost my toothbrush. Then I looked up in the bathroom mirror and saw that it was there in my mouth, and that I was already brushing my teeth with it. I had just had a brain lapse and forgotten what I was doing. :)

    Thanks for the upbeat post, Jen! :) I have a little trouble reading things that aren't broken up into smaller paragraphs. Could you edit in some paragraph breaks, please? I missed the middle part of what you wrote.

    ((love)) Shannon
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    Welcome Jenny. It is so good to have you join the site.

    One of my memorable silly moments ( I can't remember any others because of my memory problems LOL!) is one day I was yelling outside for my doggies to come in. I had let the out to pee pee and I went out on the porch and was yelling and begging for them to come in. I kept calling and calling and was quite miffed at them for ignoring me. I couldn't see them and thought they must be in the woods. I slammed the door and walked into the bedroom, deciding to wait a few minutes and hope they would show up at the door like they do.

    I looked at the bed and there my two little babies sat staring at me like: "What did we do, Mom?" I suddenly remembered that I had already let them in and given them their treat. I felt so silly because this all happened in like a ten minute time span. I also felt guilty for yelling outside for them and being upset with them for not coming when called.

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