Thank God for Mickel Reverse Therapy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AFair, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. AFair

    AFair New Member

    Just had the most fantastic weekend with my boyfriend as you all know my bf has been under going Mickel Reverse Therapy with Dr Mickel himself. He has had 9 sessions and is doing really well this weekend he water skied for the first time in over 2 years!!!! This time last year he couldnt even go for a drink at the local pub!!!!!!!!!!

    He is not yet 100% but not far off. Its just great doing normal stuff again. There is hope out there so do not give up. xxxxxxxx
  2. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    it is so nice to hear of someone who is doing well.
  3. AFair

    AFair New Member

    Thank you all for your replies. My bf feel ill over 2 years ago now after returning from a holiday overseas at the time he was also under alot of stress. He became really ill and bed bound with severe flu like symptoms. Aches all over, severe headaches that would last days on end, ibs, rashes his energy levels were so low it took him everything he had just to get to the bathroom. Doctors didnt know what was wrong and after alot of testing still no answer. Some doctors said it was all in his head which made the situation even harder for him. The strange thing was during the time he was ill his temp was very low.

    We cont to go from doctor to doctor to try and find the answer and we travelled the length of the country. He was then diagnosed with ME OR CFS but we were told that there is no real cure some people get better others do not. He was so desparately ill and still no hope of getting better until one day i was surfing the net and i came accross Reverse Therapy. I read all the info and thought there could be something in this treatment, we had tried everything else so what did we have to lose?? He had 3 sessions with a newly qualified lady that was just 45 mins from were we lived, but after 3sessions he lost faith in the treatment. I was so disappointed but i had to respect his decision to stop.

    Approx 3 months later things really were desparate so I contacted Dr Mickel himself and he thought he would be able to help so we travelled 4 hours and stayed over night in Edinburgh. After the 1st session with Mickel we saw great improvement the improvement cont slowly and he is now up to his 9th session and is approx 85% better. He is able to work full time, go out with friends and now water ski!!!!

    The lady he saw has now been treating people for 2 years and has a very good sucess rate unfortunetly my bf didnt bond with her as well as he did with Mickel. I think its very important to find the right therapist for you in order to get max benefit. My bf and Dr Mickel are a similar age and a similar sense of humour which i think really helped)

    So how does the treatment work ?????? If you search under my user name I try to explain the best I can about the treatment. For a more accurate account i suggest you look up Mickel Reverse Therapy on google and look at the website.

    Take care xxx

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  4. mars_xmu

    mars_xmu New Member

    It will not work for everyone: sounds like you bf had an inection that has slowy cleared up due to rest. An effective treatment would make someone 90% to 100% well.
    I found out that my problems were connected with virus (after I had some lab tests done), that can lay dormant for months or years, all it need to activate is a period of stress or a compromised immune system. I think your bf needs to take it easy or he could get a flair up. I'm glad that he's found something that works for him: but RV will not be effective in treating all cfs/fibo patients due to the complexty of the conditions involved, such as mycorplasma infections,lymes, etc.
  5. AFair

    AFair New Member

  6. hahaha

    hahaha New Member

    Great news re. your boyfriend. Any chance you can give an example of an action he had to take in order to overcome one of his symptom messages? Did he have more than one message, and were there different actions / responses needed?
  7. AFair

    AFair New Member

    Thanks hahaha life really is good at the moment and we are going to enjoy every minute

    One message was, "I must not supress my feelings" it can be q hard now as he says what he thinks no matter how harsh or hurtful it might be!!!!! I think there where other messages but they were personal to him.

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  8. AFair

    AFair New Member

    We went water skiing again at the weekend and still no crash. Life is good you see there is hope. xxxxxx
  9. AFair

    AFair New Member

    My bf is still doing really well. Mickel Reverse Therapy is def worth a shot x
  10. hahaha

    hahaha New Member

    Hi afair just wondering if your bf is still stuck at the 85% mark in terms of his recovery? What are his remaining symptoms? Is he planning on having any more RT sessions?

    thanks in advance
  11. AFair

    AFair New Member

    He is 90% improved. He still gets easily tired and still seems to be alcohol intolerant. All other symptoms have subsided, during periods of stress he suffers from background symtoms, but these bouts are now very rare.

    He has decided not to go back to RT as he feels now all he needs to do to get to 100% is to get fit and lose weight. He cycled 18 miles yesterday, he really is doing very well indeed. Before the illness he was very fit and used to regularly run the London marathon. So as he stands at the moment he is probably as well and as fit as i am but compared to how he was before he fell ill he feels he is only 90%. He will only be happy when he has lost the weight and is 100% fit.

    I 100% recommend dr mickel he has changed our lives
  12. HarrietHains

    HarrietHains New Member

    I have been intrigued by this therapy for some time and have spoken to two people who got back to normal after it. I am still wary about the cost and can't understand why it is so expensive. It's almost the price of a visit to a Harley St consultant. Does anyone know how long the sessions are?

    Have recently bought the book "The Reverse Therapy Approach" by John Eaton from the Reverse Therapy website. A lot of it makes a great deal of sense - and at least he admits that they are actually treating a dysfunction of the hypathalmus.(HPA axis) and I can see how they are trying to retrain the brain so that it is not permanently on overdrive. This should work for people whose illness came on by stress and overwork etc. But in the book it says that if your FMS/CFS was caused by an accident or injury they can't necessarily help.Also query if ongoing virus. It is certainly worth reading the book before considering the expense and effort of it all.

    This is a UK Therapy - amazingly! Don't know if it's available in the US.

  13. AFair

    AFair New Member

    Sessions are 1- 1 1/2 hours. You may be able to arrange a discounted rate if thats all thats putting you off. We paid £60 per session as we were travelling such a long way (4hours).

    I am not sure about the Eaton Version I can only speak about and praise the Mickel version
  14. angeldust

    angeldust New Member

    My experience of Reverse Therapy – written to help others make an informed decision.

    Observations of the Therapist

    1. Expert in influencing people, the difference between manipulating and influencing can only be determined by looking at the outcome. Use of language and body language almost hypnotic. Akin to a dodgy car salesman.
    2. Lacking in counselling skills such as being; non-judgemental, genuine, trustworthy. Skilled in avoiding/diffusing difficult questions. Not fully exploring the real issues, not truly a two-way experience.
    3. No previous work experience in healthcare or counselling – why the sudden interest?
    4. Not a member of a professional body e.g.

    British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP),
    British Psychological Society (BPS), or
    British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).

    Therefore not bound by a professional Code of Conduct (huge implications, see Code of Conduct for above organisations which cover topics such as keeping number of sessions to a minimum etc), no official Complaints Procedure and no Reduced Fee Schemes. Therapists belonging to the professional bodies above have also undergone a period of prolonged training and a lengthy period of supervised practice. The lack of training and supervised work required to be a Reverse Therapists is clear from the Reverse Therapy website.

    Observations of Reserve Therapy

    1. Nuts and bolts of it - get in touch with your symptoms, determine what they are trying to tell you and take corrective active action. The rest is just spin.
    2. Corrective action may take many forms finding a more fulfilling job, leaving an abusive relationship, learning to say no – some of these may seem very “idealistic” if you are struggling with poor health, disability.
    3. Ultimately Reverse Therapy is not that different from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – you keep a journal, record symptoms, behaviour and thoughts. Through changing thoughts and behaviour both claim to reduce symptoms.
    4. A Reverse Therapy session costs £80 (2005), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for CFS/ME is increasingly available on the NHS for free, privately you may pay anything from £0-£45 some offer reduced or free sessions to people on low incomes.


    Reverse Therapy Ltd claim to have an 80% plus cure rate, but recently announced that on average the number of sessions required has increased from 6 to 14 at a cost of £1120. There have been no clinical trials to verify these claims.
    My own experience demonstrated that much of what the therapist tells you is nothing more than common sense “find a job you really enjoy!”, “stop putting yourself under so much pressure!” “find a good work, life balance!”. The question you’ve got to answer yourself is do you really need to pay someone £80 per hr to tell you this stuff?

    If you are experiencing some kind of inner conflict, then exploring this with a properly trained counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist will help, they will not charge £80 per hour. Why? Because it would be unethical to do so!

  15. AFair

    AFair New Member

    A counsellor would not be able to cure ME/CFS its too general. I would have paid dr mickel double what he asked its worth every penny. I want too shout about my boyfriends sucess from the roof tops as it just may help someone else out there who is suffering terribly like my bf did.

    There is hope out there and my bf is proof of that.
  16. KelB

    KelB New Member

    "Reverse Therapy is not that different from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy "

    The more I hear about it, the more I'm inclined to the same conclusion.

    I had 8 weeks of CBT as a coping strategy and it's worked really well. The tasks they had us doing sounded very similar to MRT sessions.

    CBT was never presented to me as a cure so I'm not clear how MRT manages it using the same basic strategies. It seems to be down to what you believe rather than any specific technique that is different.

    Alls I know is - if you can afford it and it works, good on ya!
  17. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    i concur, it sounds like a new spin on CBT. it seems for a certain type of person that has never engaged themselves in healthy self talk or read some traditional self help literature, CBT could make their lives a whole lot easier and potentially even alleviate illness related to chronic tension. but i wonder what kind of advice they offer to someone who promptly left his job that he didn't enjoy to pursue his first love of writing, has amazing support from his family, no relationship baggage to speak of and still finds himself flat on his back in excrutiating pain? the news that anyone is getting well is awesome to hear. but imho, these approaches tend to invalidate the very real, physiological web of dysfunction going on in our bodies. if one thing is for absolute sure about this illness, there is no one size fits all.

  18. AFair

    AFair New Member

    Bumping to give everyone a chance to read
  19. barty

    barty New Member

    Just for info, I had eight sessions of reverse therapy and 7 sessions of CBT. Little difference in the two approaches tbh.

    And neither made any difference.

    I'm glad that it works for some people, but I'd save your money and go on a good holiday!

  20. roge

    roge Member

    glad to hear he is doing better&lt;BR&gt;
    that said i believe nickel and cbt are merely coping tools for any physical disease, nothing more.&lt;BR&gt;
    they do not alter the underlying immune dysfunction and chronic infections found in both me/cfs and fm.

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