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    Just wanted to say thanks again for the good advise. I was on the phone with a gentleman from British Columbia yesterday that is the contact for Canlyme. He gave me play by play info on how to proceed. The ball is rolling and even knowing this is a relief...thanks again...i would not be on this track had you not responded to my post.

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    Hi Lesley,
    I'm so glad that something I shared with you was able to help! All I'm doing is paying it forward! If it hadn't been for the very special and wonderful people on this board I'd be one sad and sorry puppy right now.

    Also, I was in total lyme ignorance and denial. Yes, I'd read about it. Yes, I saw that it was connected somehow to CFIDS and FM. But noooooo, not me, I didn't have it!

    So now that I know, I'm just passing the info on.

    Connecting with canlyme should be a huge help for you. Maybe they even have a local support group where you can meet other lymies and share info and support.

    Let us all know how it goes. Take care. Don't give up.
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